Pick the Perfect Pumpkin at These Miami Pumpkin Patches

Grab the perfect gourd at these pumpkin patches near Miami!

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Order Up! Delivery Services That Make Dinner Easy

Cancel the sitter and answer the “What’s for dinner?” question with ease. These delivery services are making it easy for your favorite restaurant to come to dinner.

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Make Some Comic Art with Little Fish Comic Book Studio

If you’re looking for a cool alternative to the average art class, check out the Little Fish Comic Book Studio in Ocean Beach.

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Stomp Your Feet and Groove to the Beat: Drum Circles

It starts when they are toddlers and grows as they grow. That irresistible need to make noise, lots and lots of noise. Your pride turns to horror as they gleefully assemble their “instruments”: pots, pans, spoons, forks, your grandmother’s china……

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