Dear Single Mom: You Are Enough

As a single mom, you sometimes wonder if you’re doing the whole parenting thing wrong. But I’m here to tell you that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

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This Dad’s Amazing Custom Sheets Bring Smiles & So Much More for Kids in the Hospital

This entrepreneurial dad decided to help sick kids by creating bedsheets that invite play!

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This Is Why I Will Unapologetically Cherish My Daughter’s Childhood

“Mama! Everybody in the world is so nice and everybody loves me!”

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My daughter told me this over pizza, on her third birthday. I affirmed her proclamations and kept eating. I can’t tell her the…

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10 Things to Do Before Summer Is Over

Before you say bon voyage to summer make sure you check out our list of last hurrahs.

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How to Make a Mess in the Name of Art

Today is Messy Art Day! Be the talk of the kid-crowd by hosting a messy art party to inspire and delight. (It’s easier than you think).

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Hate Laundry a Little Less with These 5 White Vinegar Hacks

Short of having someone else do it for you, there is very little you can do to make laundry fun. You can, however, make the whole process a little less miserable with some laundry hacks.

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Why I’m Now OK With Diapers Even If She’s Four-Years-Old


I haven’t been successful with my kids’ potty-training.Whenever I hear unsolicited side comments about my daughter’s inability to stick her butt on the toilet bowl even if she’s four-years-old, I feel bad not just for myself but also…

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My kids are out to get me

I will start this by saying, I am well aware of how blessed we are.  I have never wanted anything more than to be a mother.  I look through images of our day at night for roughly 5 minutes when everyone pretends to be asleep…

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Busted: Cookie-Smuggling Toddler Almost Commits the Perfect Crime

If only he were a little bit faster! A video submitted to AFV shows a toddler being busted after hiding Oreos under his bed sheets. Watch as this youngster is too smart for his own good.
Makes you wonder what…

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