Incredible Products Helping Kids Adjust to Pandemic Life

“If you’re still trying to find ways to teach your children about COVID-19 and help them adjust, then take a look at these fun items.”

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Kid Correspondent

YouTube Originals Premieres New Election Special for Families

“Kid Correspondent” will feature special celebrity appearances.

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4 Ways to Empower Girls to Speak & Care About Racism

“There’s no “one way” or “right way” to talk about race, but all parents need to know this: Girls need to start having these conversations in order to become more aware of their unconscious biases, their privilege, and their own actions (or inactions).”

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We Talk News with Kids. This Is How We’re Talking about Racism

“While we can’t control what happens in the news, we can, hopefully, shape the future. We hope these resources help explain what is happening to young children and open the world to honest conversations.”

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4 Ways to Get Your Daughter to Stop Saying “I’m Fine” (When She Isn’t)

Photo: Shutterstock
I hear “I’m fine” a lot throughout my days. If you are a parent of a pre-teen girl, I am sure that you do too!
“How are you?”
“I’m fine.”

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“Do you want…

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Girl on tablet

Toys”R”Us Launches Play@Home Theater

The site will be updated with brand new activities and play ideas every week.

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Newborn baby

New Study Shows That Babies Are Hardwired to See Faces and Places

New research shows that a baby’s brain is more adult-like than previously thought.

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Healthy Cooking Shows May Affect Your Kiddo’s Food Choice, According to New Study

Science says watching a healthy cooking show could have profound effects.

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Little Feminist Releases 3 New Inclusive Board Books for Toddlers

Add inclusivity to your child’s library with this series.

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Girls & Boys Can Develop Math Skills Equally, According to New Research

This study nixes the notion of gender differences in learning.

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Two Moms Share How a Quality Plush Toy Can Make Life So Much Easier

We’ve curated some real life mom hacks that illustrate the important role of your child’s first best friend and exactly why you #gottagettaGUND.

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Teach Kids How to Save Money with OnPoint Savers

OnPoint Community Credit Union is dedicated to supporting the next generation of savers with their OnPoint Savers account that’s just for kids.

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This Is How Kate Middleton Wins Mealtime Battles

What are Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s fave foodie finds?

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Genetically Modified Foods Will Receive 2 New Labels, Starting in 2020

When it comes to GMO foods, the USDA asks, “To BE or not to BE?”

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The Simple But Important Way Parents Can Helps Reduce Pain in Babies

Sparing your baby from pain could be in your own hands.

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My Two Different Daughters & My Two Very Different Parenting Styles

“My initial approach to parenting was one-size-fits-all. But as the kids grew, we found that this approach wasn’t going to work.”

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Can You Bring Your Kid with You to the Voting Booth? What Voters Need to Know

Go ahead and teach them about their civic duty from an early age.

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This Teacher Made Art Inclusive for Her Classroom in the Most Unique Way

One teacher is helping kids to understand the rainbow within.

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This Mom’s Viral Tweets about Julia, the Muppet with Autism, Are So Important

Diverse and inclusive representation in media is so important for kids.

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Apple Is Rolling Out a Feature to Help Families Minimize Screen Time

Apple is trying to help curb your family’s social media addiction and make it easier to put your phone down.

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Here’s How Parents Around the World Tackle Bedtime

When it comes to the time that parents send their kids off to dreamland, the numbers differ almost as much as where kids sleep.

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Meet the New American Girl Doll of the Year, Luciana Vega

American Girl’s 2018 Girl Of The Year is on a mission to inspire girls to reach for the stars.

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This Dad’s Maternity Shoot Is Over the Top Hilarious

This dad took a maternity shoot to a whole new level.

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Your Roomba Has Been Spying on You, but It Could Make Your House Smarter

Your vacuum could be picking up more than just Cheerios and crumbs.

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Science Says We Carry Our Babies a Certain Way to Keep Them Safe

Do you carry your baby on your left or right side? The answer may depend on your biological hard-wiring.

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The 5 Real Stages of Accepting Your Kid’s YouTube Ambitions

When my first born turned six years old, he was introduced to the intriguing and regrettably addictive world of Minecraft. Inevitably, my kid declared that he too was going to grow up and become a YouTuber, just like his idol.

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Thar She Blows!: Go Whale-watching in New York Harbor

Yes! These gentle giants are returning to the Big Apple, and the whole family can help count them, too!

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Explaining Death To A Toddler

There is no easy way to explain death. Whether it be a toddler or adult. So what do you do if you need to explain to your toddler why you’re hurting and what happens when there’s a death? It’s not easy.…

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Do Right This MLK Day

Honor the legendary civil rights leader this year on Monday, January 18 by participating in one of these events or contributing to a collective act of service

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Inside the Totally Awesome Personally Paired with Jessica Stowe

A good babysitter or nanny can be hard to find. Making the search less stressful and exhausting is Personally Paired, the brainchild of kid-care vet Jessica Stowe, and your Totally Awesome pick for best childcare agency in Boston. Personally Paired…

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