Struggling with Fertility? It May Be Time to Assess Your Stress Level

“Decades of research on the associations between stress and infertility have made this connection well-known and accepted. Here’s what you can do about it.”

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7 Things I’m Insisting on Teaching My Girls

“Raising girls is hard and the hardest thing I’ve ever done, by far. But I’m doing my best to instill these strong values in my girls so they will feel empowered for the rest of their lives and know their strength and happiness comes from within them.”

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If Your New Year’s Resolution Is to Lose Weight, Don’t Tell Your Kids

Here’s why you should keep that diet quiet around the kids.

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10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Work Out to Lose Weight

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Take a guess at the #1 reason people work out.
To lose weight, of course. We all know that.

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Unfortunately, we also know that the majority don’t keep it up and don’t reach…

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How I Learned to Own My Body

Binge eating has been following me around like a clingy frenemy for as long as I can remember. Up until last year, I would regularly eat so much at night that I would wake up the next morning still feeling…

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