Bird Feeders Kids Can Make at Home (They Really Work!)

Break out the binoculars, future bird watchers, and consider whether a classic pine cone feeder or a recycled version made with paper and plastic is the right fit for you.

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Easy Craft Projects with 5 Supplies or Less

You won’t need to bring the entire craft store home for these simple projects.

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12 Benefits of Upcycling for Parents

Those upcycle projects help more than just the environment.

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3 Ways Kids Can Rebuild Their Communities

Today is National Rebuilding Day so we have found three kid-friendly building projects that give back to the community. Just grab your hammer (or glue).

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Go Green: “Treecycling” Your Family Fir

Go green and treecycle your Christmas fir. It’s easy! Here’s how…

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Today Is Easter Sunday



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Today Is Easter Sunday



Get that pot on to boil because we’ve got more than a dozen ways to decorate eggs without a drop of dye.


You’ve amassed a pile of plastic eggs…

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