16 Fun Ways to Use Up Your Leftover PEEPS

We’ve got clever ideas for upcycling those ever-reliable marshmallow creatures.

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10 Simple Carpentry Projects to Do with the Kids

From bee hotels to walking blocks—we’ve got the best beginner woodworking projects for you and your budding carpenter!

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Bird Feeders Kids Can Make at Home (They Really Work!)

Break out the binoculars, future bird watchers, and consider whether a classic pine cone feeder or a recycled version made with paper and plastic is the right fit for you.

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Last-Minute Earth Day Crafts & Activities for LA Kids

Happy Earth Day! Celebrate with these nine projects from our favorite LA museums and art studios.

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4 Things to Do With Your Pennies

These penny crafts are all about bringing good luck!

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Cool Project Kits From a Handy HGTV Host

Tired of the typical craft projects? “Room Crashers” host Todd Davis will help you think outside of the popsicle-stick house.

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5 Retail Stores That Offer Classes For Kids

There are two ways to look at the inevitable running of errands: they can be a chore, or they can be a tantalizing trip of together time! But even the most prepared parent eventually runs out of distractions from books,…

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The Bay Area Discovery Museum: Explore A Tree Sculpture

Detach from asphalt and apartment living and escape giddily into the limitless imaginative possibilities of the tree fort, as The Bay Area Discovery Museum welcomes back outdoor artist Patrick Dougherty this month. In 2004 Dougherty was commissioned to create the…

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Bay Area Backyard Bird Watching With the Kids

Looking to combine a fun kids craft project with outdoor summer fun? You don’t need to visit the wetlands and salt marshes to do a little bird watching. This is one activity you and your family can enjoy in the…

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Dance Through The Daffodils at Filoli Gardens

Spring is officially in the air and if you’re not fortunate enough to have your very own flower or vegetable garden, head on over to Filoli where you and your little one can check out what’s blooming.
Tucked away in…

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