Five Reasons We LOVE Medieval Times

Take your kids back to a time when chivalry was alive, cutlery was not invented and the entertainment was fit for a king.

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Soup’s On: 7 Super Spots for Soup This Fall

The days are getting shorter, the air is getting cooler and soup season has arrived! Click through the gallery and get ready to satisfy your cravings at one of our favorite belly-warming spots.

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Soup For You: The Famous Seinfield Soup Hits the Shelf

You can probably quote your favorite episode of Seinfeld from title credits to end credits, and chances are, you’re familiar with the famous “Soup Nazi” episode and his infamous catchphrase, “No soup for you!” Well Seinfeld fans, you can bring…

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Bay Area Birthday Party Ideas: Getting Artsy

So you’re not the parent who makes personalized goodie bags and plans themed parties down to the engraved napkins. That doesn’t mean your child can’t have a birthday party bursting with creativity. Art-based parties are where the kids shine most,…

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