Discover the Not-So-Obvious Spots to Hike, Camp & Fish Near Chicago

Tranquil cabins in the woods, an abundance of fish waiting for a nibble, hiking until your legs wobble. . . find the roads less traveled near Chicago.

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11 Ways to Build Resiliency in Children

“Resilience is the foundation of a child’s mental health, confidence, self-regulation, stress management and response to difficult events—like the pandemic.”

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Funfetti OREO

Pillsbury Baking Turns up the Fun with Oreo and Duff Goldman

Pillsbury celebrates the launch of its new Funfetti OREO mixes with a baking challenge.

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Baby Shark's Big Show!

Nickelodeon Announces Cast for “Baby Shark’s Big Show!”

The new animated series will debut with an original holiday special.

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LEGOLAND’s New Pirate Island Hotel Will Open with a Daredevil Stunt

A famous stuntman is getting ready to “walk the plank.”

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7 Shows Your Kids Should See This Spring

We’ve put together a line-up packed with musicals, comedies and dramas—with so much to choose from, there’s guaranteed to be something to fit the (play) bill.

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How Do I Tell My Only Child They’re Getting a Sibling?

Photo: littlefolksbigquestions.com
Before answering this question, I always begin by asking a parent to imagine what it would be like if their spouse or partner made an announcement one day, out of the blue, that went something like this: 

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When Showing Love Is Louder than Our Voice

And then I decided that sometimes our little humans need the same things we need: they need space. And 20 minutes of silence. And their favorite snacks laid out next to a warm bath.

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This Candy Company Will Change the Way You Eat Dessert

Find out why OCHO Candy is the next big thing in dessert, and score a great discount on us!

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My 9-Year-Old Has ADHD & I Never Knew It Would Be This Hard

Some days I feel like I have no idea what I am doing as a parent.

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Get a Grip! Loosen Your Grip on Motherhood

“Do you get bored with the work?” my son asked as I bustled around the kitchen, trying to get the kids through supper.
“What do you mean?” I responded. “Are you wondering if people ever get bored at their jobs?”…

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11 Reasons Why the End of the School Year Makes You Question Your Sanity

When the end of school rolls around you just can’t anymore.

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Unresolved New Year’s Resolutions

To “resolve” means to find a solution to a problem. It’s pretty absolute in its meaning. Right or wrong, a matter is settled, put to rest.
To apply this definition to parenting is like trying to understand what B613 actually…

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Unexpected Skills I’ve Learned As a Parent

Changing diapers, chasing after toddlers, tolerating loud nonsensical singing from the never-ending musical from hell – all expertise one can expect to pick up as a parent. But there’s a specific subset of skills that my pre-child mind would have…

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Shark Puppy – Now That I Have A Furry Toddler…

Photo: Kathy Gorohoff
Getting a puppy was not something I ever really thought we would do. But then we met his parents and we couldn’t say no. We always had an excuse: Daddy’s allergic, we like to travel, our yard…

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Nail-biting and Thumb-sucking Kids May Have Fewer Allergies

Photo: Tom Page, Flickr Creative Commons
Do you have a thumb-sucker or nail-biter on your hands? You might be able to stop fretting over all the germs being picked up from those tiny hands.  
A new study finds those irritating habits…

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Raising Kind Humans

Photo: Jenn Richardson
One of the most important things to me as a mother—aside from raising strong, opinionated girls who stand up for what they believe in—is planting the seeds necessary for my kids to grow into loving, caring, giving, kind adults.…

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Got a Thumb Sucker or a Nail Biter? It’s Not All Bad!

Photo: various brennemans via Flickr
Battling habits like thumb-sucking and nail-biting is no fun at all, and our pediatricians and dentists make sure we know exactly how bad the habits are.
But according to a study published in the journal…

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Hook, Line and Sinker: Kids Fish for Fun at Troutdale

We’re hooked! Fishing at Troutdale is perfect for newbies and amateurs who want to fun of fishing without any boring bits.

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Savory Cupcakes: The Healthier Alternative to the Classic Sweet

We can think of at least a dozen reasons why cupcakeries like Magnolia Bakery, Georgetown Cupcakes, or Sprinkles are here to stay. Maybe it’s the fact that those sweet cupcakes are just the right portion for little bellies, or simply…

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Real Mom Product Review: Big Feelings Book

Big Feelings is a children’s book that uses 10 lovable animals and their unique situations to explain and discuss emotions that toddlers and pre-school aged kids routinely come up against. Big Feelings hopes to help little ones understand why they…

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Lunching and Brunching at BLD in Los Angeles

Missing those leisurely “grown up” brunches you used to take before you had kids? Fear not, BLD is a grown up place that just so happens to be kid and dog friendly too! So brunch is back in Los Angeles…

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