Surviving the Unimaginable

Somehow the wise words of a 5-year-old and his bear-hugging hug were all I needed to help comfort me through our loss.

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5 Life Lessons I Learned From Gardening

“Even if you’re not inclined to gardening, the following life lessons still hold meaning both in and out of the garden.”

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Meghan Markle & Prince Harry Welcome Daughter Lili

And both of her names pay sweet tribute to the Royal Family.

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Dear Teachers

“I know it hasn’t been easy over the last year but thank you!”

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christina milian

Christina Milian & Matt Pokora Welcome Baby Boy

Singer Christina Milian recently announced the birth of her third child.

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If Your Little One Is Struggling with Anxiety

“This little girl did the work. And now, as a teen, she is thriving. Anxiety creeps in every now and then but she has the tools to stop it long before it attempts to take over.”

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Turning My Worry into Wonder

“I wonder if she knows I would take all her struggles, confusion, and pain as my own and carry them for her if I could.”

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mom and son in a field

There Is No Room for Shame Here

“I’m not ashamed of autism and you shouldn’t be either because it’s not about a diagnosis. It’s about the person.”

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I’m a New Stay at Home Mom & I Was Not Expecting This

“Due to the start of the COVID pandemic, and being four months pregnant, I was unexpectedly laid off. I did not expect the transition to be as difficult as it was.”

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Choosing to See the Joy in Autism

“As this holiday season is upon us, I could choose to be sad, to be mad, to be angry for what could have been or what I wanted—instead, I can choose to seek the joy in what is, in the moments that matter, and cherish what we have.”

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What Being a Dr. Mom Has Taught Me About Gratitude

Photo: Eli DeFaria via Unsplash
I have the privilege of being a doctor, I have the distinct honor of taking care of people, little (very cute) people to be precise. I don’t take this task lightly but much of what…

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Kevin and Eniko Hart

Kevin & Eniko Hart Welcome Daughter

Eniko announced on Instagram that she had given birth on Tuesday.

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Lucky Names Such as Iris & Felix are Trending

These names are bringing parents-to-be hope, luck and good fortune.

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How I Finally Found a Way to Enjoy Mother’s Day

“For years I’ve secretly hated Mother’s Day. Over time I’ve held high expectations that turned to high hopes and then into dread.”

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Why Every ‘Now’ Moment Matters in Motherhood

In October 2005, my middle son was born. In 2018, he graduated from college.
Today, I’m trying to figure out how time works.

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Eons ago I had three kids in three and a half years. Life was…

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Brandon Jenner Twins

Brandon Jenner and Wife Cayley Stoker Welcome Twin Sons

The twins are the second and third children for Brandon Jenner, who also shares a 4-year-old daughter, Eva James, with ex-wife Leah.

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I’d Rather Work than Stay at Home with My Kids

“I promise I am not a monster. This makes me no less of a Mama to my two sweet boys. I just enjoy working—and I don’t enjoy hearing them scream.”

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Dear Husband, I Just Want to Be Alone

“This might be hard to hear but it needs to be said for my own sanity—dear husband, I want to be alone.”

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Cameron Diaz & Benji Madden Announce the Birth of Their Daughter Raddix

The celeb couple took to Instagram to announce the birth of their first daughter!

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The Day I Became a Mom

“Every step closer to my baby was filled with future boo-boos and band-aids and kisses and pool splashes and homework and Saturday morning cartoons and pajama days and movie nights.”

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And Now for the Cutest Celebrity Holiday Cards of 2019

This year’s celebrity holiday greetings did not disappoint! 

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baby feet

This Newborn Takes Mean-Mugging to the Next Level

This two-week-old clearly was not impressed with her newborn photo session.

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Relationship Resiliency: Love, Laughter and Lust

Photo: Dennis Gardner
For my husband and I, the year of 2016 was a doozie. Our circumstances weren’t necessarily unique, and I’m sure couples anywhere could relate to our struggles, but while going through it, we felt isolated and often…

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This Mom’s Drive-Thru Good Deed Will Warm Your Heart

An act of kindness, from one mom to another.

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Singer Natalie Imbruglia Is Pregnant with First Child

The singer definitely isn’t “torn” about her excitement for a new baby.

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A Homeless Woman’s Simple Request to My 4-year-old Daughter

This experience opened up my eyes and my daughter’s.

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Reclaiming the Joy of Childhood as an Adult

Here’s how I managed to do it.

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Mom of 5 & Infertility Survivor Gives Woman the Ultimate Gift—So She Can Be a Mom, Too

Knowing how much she wanted to be a mother, this amazing woman wanted to help another.

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Staying Organized as a Mom Is a Labor of Love, Chaos & Joy

Photo: Alana Zavett Green
On Nov. 26, I gave birth to a pink-skinned, black-haired, 8-pound beautiful baby boy. My husband, Steven, and I were so grateful to welcome our second son after a swift delivery and agonizing, yet blissful natural labor.…

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