Why I’m Dreaming of Family Travel This Year

“Savor the planning, inhabit the surprises, heal if you must, and journey on. Enjoy the entirety of your travels, and consider 2021 an opportunity for the most well researched you, ever. Whether in a summer sojourn, or the journey of life.”

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Coloring: Inside or Outside the Lines?

Photo: Janet Coburn
The other day, my husband gave me a little gift with which to amuse myself while he was out of town – a paint-n-bake coffee mug with an intricate mandala sort of design on both sides and…

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Why I’m Grateful to Caregivers Everywhere

Photo: Photographee.eu
I have bipolar disorder. My husband is my caregiver. He didn’t sign up for this gig when we met, except for later vowing the part about “in sickness and in health” when we married. I could not negotiate life…

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Joanna Gaines’ New Children’s Book Is Available for Pre-Sale

Preorder “The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be” today.

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Can We All Admit That We Aren’t Okay?

“To be completely honest, I am just trying to make it out of this mess of a world in one piece.”

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How I Finally Found a Way to Enjoy Mother’s Day

“For years I’ve secretly hated Mother’s Day. Over time I’ve held high expectations that turned to high hopes and then into dread.”

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Dolly Parton - Bedtime Stories

Dolly Parton Will Read Bedtime Stories to Your Kids & Her Beauty Is Beyond Compare

She is launching “Goodnight with Dolly,” a 10-week video series on behalf of her Imagination Library.

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woman on smartphone

Instagram Launches New Features to Keep Users Safe and Informed

The social networking platform announced new ways to connect with friends over video chat.

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Minecraft Education

Minecraft Announces New Education Category

Players all over the world can now access the same types of Minecraft lessons students are using in the classroom.

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Dunkaroos Are Making a Comeback & ’90s Kids Are Thrilled!

Your favorite ’90s lunch table staple, is coming back this summer. 

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This New Tool Can Predict Breast Cancer 5 Years in Advance

This is a game changer in early detection.

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Target Is FINALLY Getting Apple Pay, Thank Goodness

Shopping at your favorite place just got even better.

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When Your Child Is the Bully

“Parents can be left wondering how this behavior started and how they didn’t notice it sooner.”

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Instagram Can Detect Bullying in Photos & This Is Huge for Teens

Instagram gets serious about tackling its cyberbullying problem.

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Microsoft’s New Paid Family Leave Policy Is Actually a Pretty Big Deal—Here’s Why

Microsoft’s new policy could inspire other companies to follow suit.

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J.K. Rowling Is Writing Her First Kids Book Since “Harry Potter”

The “Harry Potter” author answered questions at her website, including what she’s writing now.

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From Babyhood to Toddlerhood: Our Breastfeeding Journey

This post was written by Nicole Banuelos of Diary of a Caffeinated Mom in partnership with Happy Family Brands
One of the biggest misconceptions about breastfeeding is that it comes naturally for all women. I have three kids with three…

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Incredible New Research Reveals That Babies Know How to Count—at Birth

Some scientists believe that humans are born with the ability to order quantities from left to right.

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Do You Make Your Kids Hug Their Relatives? The Girl Scouts Weigh In

The Girl Scouts of America are urging parents to think twice before pushing their kids into hugs they may not want.

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Break Out the Tissues “Fixer Upper” Is Ending

Chip and Joanna Gaines are saying goodbye to their show, but there’s still more shiplap on the horizon.

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These EMTs Say the Price of Your Car Seat Doesn’t Matter, but the Straps Do

This advice will change the way you look at car seat safety.

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This Is Why You Might No Longer Be a Millennial

If you were born between 1977 and 1983, experts say you might be a Xennial. Here’s why.

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13 Signs You’re on Your Second Baby

When your second comes along, you get a little more realistic in your parenting goals. Here are a few signs you’ve loosened up a little for Baby #2. Sound familiar?

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It’s Okay to Change Your Mind: My Real-world Experience with Sleep Training

Photo: Carrie Yuan
Ahhhhh, sleep. This has been such a huge issue for my daughter since birth. She has never been a great sleeper. Things finally started getting better a little over a month ago at 9 months of age.…

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Tips to Improve Your Back-to-School Morning Routine

This post was written by one of our favorite moms, Seng Nickerson, and is shared from her blog here.
As summer winds down, we all know it’s time to prep the kids for the return to the back to school…

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Climbing Mount Motherhood…And Trying to Not Tumble Over the Cliff’s Edge

Photo: pixababy
There are days where I feel like I am mountain climbing my way through parenthood.  I stumble, I sweat, the air feels significantly thinner and I am in danger of passing out.  Today is one of those day.  …

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Kid TV Isn’t Eating My Child’s Brain…It Is Eating MINE!

I have spent
NINE YEARS watching kids’ shows. They all have one thing in common…
They all suck.

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Without further adieu…here are the suckiest of the sucky…
This little brat gets the number one…

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A Pink Lemonade & Pinwheels First Birthday Party

Every sweet little girl deserves an equally sweet birthday party. Find out what made this first birthday party especially memorable.

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A Colorful New Way to Explore the Emerald City

It’s a coloring book? It’s a guidebook? It’s your family’s newest way to explore the sights and sounds of the city.

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