How to Breeze Through Your Baby’s First Airplane Trip

Photo: César Rincón via Flickr
I’m covered in crumbs. Also, in milk, in about a tablespoon of applesauce and in sweat. That’s because I’ve been on an airplane wrangling my 17-month-old toddler and my four-year-old daughter for the last five…

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Krispy Kreme Has a Limited Edition Mars Doughnut & It’s Out of This World

Krispy Kreme releases its Mars Doughnut in celebration of the rover landing.

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Amtrak Announces Roomette BOGO Sale

An advanced reservation of at least three days is required.

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Yosemite Steam Train Reopens with Social Distancing Precautions in Place

Significant aspects of the operation have been updated to ensure safety for everyone.

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Secret Society of Second Born Royals

Disney+ Releases Trailer for “Secret Society of Second Born Royals”

The movie combines the allure of royalty with the action-packed adventures of superheroes-in-training.

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boy laptop

XUMO Launches Free Kids TV Channel

Your kids can enjoy over 40 shows including Teletubbies, Degrassi and more.

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A Love Letter to LA: 11 Things We Can’t Wait to Do Again

Feeling nostalgic for pre-corona days? You’ll really relate to number 4. And 7. And 11.

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This Toddler Took an Accidental Trip on an Airport Conveyor Belt

All it took was a split second for this two-year-old to ride away with the luggage.

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This Airport Has a Giant Slide That Takes You to Your Gate

At this airport the journey is just as exciting as the destination.

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The Skies Just Got Friendlier to Fly for Kids with Food Allergies

This airline now allows pre-boarding in an allergy-friendly way.

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Is Open at Disneyland & Here’s What You Need to Know to Get In

This is how you can get into Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge when it opens!

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This Big Change Is Coming to More Airports Across the Country

Who will be the next to follow this new-old trend?

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I Have a Blended Family & This Is How I Encourage All My Kids’ Dreams

This is a story about my daughter’s first solo flight and what we all learned from the experience.

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This Is the First Fully-Certified Autism-Inclusive Air Carrier

This airline makes flying much easier for kids with autism.

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All the Kids Shows & Movies Coming to Netflix in April 2019

New seasons of some Netflix Originals have arrived!

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Your Ultimate Guide to Riding the Seattle Great Wheel

Whether it’s been a while since your last ride or it’s on your family’s bucket list, we’ve put together everything you need to know to make your trip on Seattle’s iconic Ferris wheel one for the books!

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Viral Photo Proves Flying with Kids Is Tough Enough & Parents Don’t Need More Pressure

Should parents go out of their way to keep other passengers happy?

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Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Gets You a Sweet Perk When You Fly This Airline

Get ready to celebrate National Ugly Holiday Sweater Day.

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Okay, I’ll Put My Oxygen Mask on First

“It already feels insane and the plane hasn’t even left the ground.”

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Southwest Airlines: Please Leave Your Emotional Support Hamsters at Home

Southwest Airlines has made big changes to its emotional support animal policy.

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Flying with Kids Just Got More Expensive, So Here’s Which Airlines Are Better

Flying with kids will cost you more if you want the good seats.

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These Are the Best Airlines for Kids because They Make Family Travel a Breeze

Taking into account in-flight entertainment, seat comfort and even mileage rewards and points, these are your best bets.

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demonic child

This Mom Needed Support—Not Mocking—in Viral Video of 8-Hour Toddler Tantrum

The man who filmed this is clearly NOT a parent—and worse, did nothing to help.

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How to Prepare for Those (Inevitable) Holiday Air Travel Headaches with Your Family

The true sign of a veteran traveler is the ability to roll with the punches that holiday travel throws your way. An involuntary bump taught me to hope for the best but pack for the worst.

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Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Could Get You Some Alaska Air Perks

Wearing your ugly Christmas sweater on December 15 could earn you some perks on Alaska Airlines.

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Christmas on the Water: Your Options For Portland Holiday Cruises

You’ve probably heard about all of the cool ways to celebrate the season on land. Take the fun to the water on one of these seasonal cruises!

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5 Simple Ways to Maximize Family Time During the Weekdays

Editor’s Note: this post originally was published in pre-COVID times (remember those days?), but we still think the ideas are valuable. 
I just found out I am going to be a grandma come spring! My how they do grow up…

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Traveling With Tykes on a Plane? Here’s How to Survive the Ride

We’ve all done it. A parent boards the airplane with a child in arms, and all the other passengers on the aircraft hold their breath, hoping that the family does not sit near them. But now that parent is you:…

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