Giving Birth & Losing My Mother

I was no longer just a daughter grieving the loss of her mother, but a mother grappling with the possibility that my daughter could one day face a similar fate.

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This Applesauce Squeezer Has the Brain Nutrients of Salmon & Broccoli

With kids home for the summer, the snacking seems to be endless (but isn’t it always?!). Finding a balance between “fun” food choices and eating healthy foods is high up on the list of daily fights we face. In particular,…

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15 Simple Ways to Improve Your Kid’s Concentration

Kids need a little help concentrating? Try one (or all) of these tips and tricks!

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Want to Yell Less? 3 Ways to Create More Calm In Your Home

These tried-and-true tips will help reduce yelling and create more calm in your home.

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The Best Ways to Foster Your Child’s Brain Development

85% of brain growth occurs in the first three years. Here are several ways to ensure your child engages in activities and habits that will simultaneously foster their brain health and development.

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More Sleep Makes You a More Mindful Mom

“Tips for falling asleep, no matter how many times your kids wake you up.”

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Teaching the Butterfly Perspective

“Playing with perspective supports the notion that we are not limited to seeing things from one viewpoint. We can go beyond our limitations of what we see by using the inventiveness of our imagination.”

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I Wonder If She Knows

“There is so much I missed out on, thinking I wasn’t a good enough mama. There is so much I second-guessed about my decisions and how I was parenting.”

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The Secret to Raising Successful Readers

“Parents often establish a bedtime routine with children around this activity but there’s no reason you can’t enjoy it together any time!”

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My Baby Failed Her Genetic Screen. Here’s What Happened Next

“My doctor kept talking, but my brain only heard the words ‘abnormal’ and ‘spina bifida.’ What this would mean for our family?”

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This Service Takes the Guesswork Out of Playing to Learn

We all want to give our child the best start possible and that’s why we are beyond excited about The Play Kits by Lovevery toys delivered every few months to help babies develop their skills in a stage-appropriate way

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Babies Who Do This Grow Up to Be More Cooperative & Compassionate, Study Finds

This baby behavior could tell you if you’re in for an easier road with your toddler.

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girl reading

This New Reading Assessment Tool Is a Game-Changer

It can be used as an early intervention tool.

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Smarter Foods for Your Kids

While doing my research at Stanford I had my own babies and realized there was a huge gap in the market when it came to providing specific nutrients during key windows of brain development. Not only did the foods on…

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Piece Together Family Time with These Cool Jigsaw Puzzles

In honor of National Puzzle Day, we rounded up our favorite puzzles for kids.

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7 Reasons Not to Reveal Your Baby’s Name in Advance

So now it is up to you and I ask you… will you or won’t you tell that baby’s name?

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The Most Powerful Family Ritual? The Bedtime Story

“We don’t just read to our kids, we read with our kids.”

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What My Assault Taught Me about How I Will Speak to My Children About Consent

“Here are tips to have age-appropriate conversations with children about their bodies, consent, emotional regulation, and coping.”

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My Son Has Oppositional Defiant Disorder & Every Day Is a Struggle—but We Manage

“I love my child with everything I’ve got, but there are times when he’s hard to like.”

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These Books Encourage a Lifelong Love of Reading

HarperCollins publishing has created HarperAlley—graphic novels for kids ages 6-10. Graphic novels harness the power of visual learning, engaging kids and helping emerging readers build their literary skills to become confident, independent readers.

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These Are the Best Toys of 2020, According to Parents

The Parent’s Choice Foundation has the low-down on the best toys of the year.

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44 Fascinating Science Facts for Kids

How fast does a tornado go? What’s the tallest tree in the world? Find out!

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Can Your Child Dream in Multiple Languages?

“As a mother of a 3 year old trilingual daughter (French, English, and Slovak) I see the benefits every day.”

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Study Shows Children With Autism & ADHD May Be Able to Be Identified Earlier

Kids will benefit from early assessment and interventions.

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The Unexpected Bonus of How Piano Lessons Helped Me Bond with My Kids

Photo: DSLRLover via Pixabay
Who knew piano lessons could help me bond with my children and prevent dementia at the same time?!?
When I signed my girls up for piano lessons last year, I had no idea what I was…

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Cerebelly x Peppa Pig Smart Bars

Cerebelly Collaborates with Peppa Pig for Launch of Smart Bars

The Peppa Pig Smart Bars are perfect for children age one and older.

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Study Shows Parental Touch Reduces Pain Responses in Babies’ Brains

How the baby’s brain processes and reacts to pain depends on their contact with a parent.

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How to Keep a Family Routine While Quarantining at Home

“Sticking to a routine, while stuck at home, will help the whole family stay on track both mentally and physically and prep everyone for when life gets back on track again!”

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Failing to Prepare? Why Having a Morning Routine Is So Crucial

Photo: langll via pixabay
“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail,” Ben Franklin
Well said, Ben, and that wisdom definitely applies to life with three kids; especially our morning routine.

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And, I emphasize…

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The One Thing All Babies Grow & Benefit from (& It’s Free!)

Doing this one thing will greatly improve your baby’s synaptic development, will challenge their senses, and increase their strength and balance—just to name a few!

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How to Identify Hidden Biases & Blind Spots When Talking about Race

“By becoming aware of our hidden biases we are able to work on changing our thoughts and actions towards those who are different from us.”

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