Brave Care Offers Same-Day Primary & Urgent Care for Kids of All Ages

“Back to school” can be synonymous with “back to the doctor.” There are vaccines and physicals to get in before heading back to class or the field, and with more activity comes the risk of unexpected injuries and illnesses. Having…

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Your Screen Is Getting Sweeter with Premiere of “Chocolate Meltdown: Hershey’s After Dark”

What happens when you lock pastry chefs in a deserted amusement park?

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There’s a “The Princess Bride” Board Game? Inconceivable!

Travel back to all the unforgettable spots from the 1987 flick and work as a team to beat the game.

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My Little Brave Girl cover

Hilary Duff’s New Children’s Book Is the Perfect Empowering Read

My Little Brave Girl is a new picture book encouraging brave little girls everywhere

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mother daughter

The Space between a Diagnosis & Not Knowing

“My heart goes out to you. I know how you’re feeling. I know the pain. I know the heartbreak. It’s one of the worst feelings ever. But, hang in there.”

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What I Learned about Opening Up after My Son’s ASD Diagnosis

“I told myself over and over again that just because he now had the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder nothing changed. He was still the exact same amazing little boy that he was seconds before the doctor had said the words out loud.”

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Celebrate Amelia Earhart with a Free LEGO Set

Don’t wait. It’s only around until Mar. 14.

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mom and son in a field

There Is No Room for Shame Here

“I’m not ashamed of autism and you shouldn’t be either because it’s not about a diagnosis. It’s about the person.”

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Will You Cast the Stone That Will Creates the Ripple of Change?

“When are people going to start speaking up when they see someone that is different treated less?”

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Snow Much Fun: Boston’s 8 Best Sledding Hills

When the snowstorm hits, gather up the gloves, hats and sleds along with this list to find a new sledding hill to conquer.

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10 Indigenous American Heroes Every Kid Should Know About

Learn all about a few inspiring activists, artists and chefs.

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6 Ways to Build & Boost Your Daughter’s Self-Confidence

“Girls seem to lose their confidence in a “perfect storm” of changes as they grow. Here are some ways you can work to build your daughter’s confidence.”

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Dance with Mira and Friends

Disney Junior Announces Short-Form Series “Dance with Mira and Friends”

It is inspired by the hit show “Mira, Royal Detective”.

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Mulan Movie Poster

Disney+ Releases Music Video for Christina Aguliera’s “Loyal Brave True” from Mulan

Disney’s “Mulan” original motion picture soundtrack will release Sept. 4.

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Busch Gardens Tampa Bay

Veterans Get in Free at SeaWorld & Busch Gardens

Guests are encouraged to make their reservations early. 

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5 Ways You Can Help Kids Build Resilience during Stressful Times

“It is sometimes referred to as one’s ability to ‘bounce back’ but I prefer to think of it more as our ability to survive, and even thrive, during a big change.”

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Books for Kids to Help Celebrate Dad on Father’s Day

“Check out these books that will help foster the bond between dads and kids on Father’s Day.”

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To the Mom Who Left Her Abuser

“To the brave mamas that scooped up her children, without a dime in her pocket or any idea how she was going to make it, and chose to save herself and her family from any more pain at the hands of their abuser—I think you’re brave.”

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When Your Teen Has Supergirl Syndrome

“As they push to achieve and accomplish, to reach their goals and to make their mark, they are going to need our help to explore the superpower alternatives so they can find a better balance and most importantly, their true identity.”

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Brave Care Everywhere Offers Virtual Care Visits

We’re all doing our part by staying home as much as we can, but what about when a little one gets sick?
Brave Care Everywhere has the answer. The modern, kid-friendly clinic is now offering virtual care visits for families…

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Carson Daly Baby

Carson and Siri Daly Welcome Fourth Child

She joins proud siblings Jackson James (11), Etta Jones (7) and London Rose (5).

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Check Out What’s Coming to Disney+ in March

Get ready to stream these great titiles.

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The Importance of Creating a Safe Space at Home

“As a teenager, I didn’t have a lot of safe places in my life. As an adult, I understand how important it is to create a safe place for our kids and for ourselves to discover new things without being manipulated by the preferences of others.”

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How I Found Happiness Within Disappointment

It takes a brave soul to admit the unadmittable and I like to think that on my better days, I am that brave. So here goes…

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Elsa was right.
It’s true. Strip away the awkward…

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Here Are the Most Popular Pixar Movies in Every State

This what’s “Up” with America’s fave Pixar films.

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