Jurassic Quest: A Prehistoric Journey You Need to See

T. Rex and his sharp toothed friends are in town! Use our exclusive discount code before these tickets go extinct!

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This CA Park Denies Bigfoot Sighting & Sasquatches Our Dreams

Breaking news: the town of Eureka doesn’t have a Bigfoot. The Northern California town just issued a statement to inform visitors and residents that despite news websites distributing photos of a “primate-like” form in the 70-acre public preserve that is…

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Keeping Santa Safe from COVID

“Even though Santa is in a high-risk group (over the age of 85 and obese, clocking in somewhere between 250 lbs. and 350 lbs), the Elf High Council has deemed Santa’s annual trip around the world more essential than ever. Here’s what you can do to make his journey a safe one.”

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6 Ways That Will Encourage the Love of Science

“Here are ways to create a science-friendly home and encourage your kids to experiment, ask questions, and take part in all science programs in the community.”

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Impress Your Little Paleontologist with a New Dino Fact

This is the first time that such an adaptation has been reported in a dinosaur.

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Amy Schumer’s Pregnancy Announcement Took Fans on a Wild Ride

You’ve never seen a pregnancy announcement quite like this.

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Here’s Something Millennials Aren’t Ruining: Marriage

Millennials get blamed for a lot—but you can’t blame them for having lasting marriages.

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This 9-Year-Old’s Lemonade Stand Made Over $5,000 for the Best Reason Ever

This little boy is a lemonade tycoon with a pretty big heart.

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Jessica Alba Is All of Us With Her Newborn

It turns out, Jessica Alba is just your regular new mama.

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These Kids Are Making 6-Figure Salaries in Their Own Backyards (Literally)

This company has gone well beyond two kids, a mower and a few kindly neighbors who pay them in quarters to clean up their yards.

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More Than Half of America’s Kids Will Be Obese at 35, New Study Predicts

Here’s another reason why it’s important to keep kids active and help them make smart choices when it comes to meals and snack time.

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Check out the Crazy-Big Tip Chrissy Teigen Left for a Waitress

This waitress just got the fattest tip of her life from one of the nation’s most famous couples.

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Rumi and Sir? Jay-Z Dishes on His Twins’ Names

What’s in a name? Apparently a lot, and here’s the meaning behind the unique monikers.

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Awesome Laws That Would Get Passed If Our Moms Became President

Check out the hilarious changes in the White House if a mom was President.

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How I Gave Up the Idea of “Having It All” as Mom

Dear Valentina,
As you turn three years old, I wanted to share a few thoughts on motherhood with you, for one day you, too, will face a crossroads. Lead with your sweet heart.

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Love, Mom…

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Dad Bods Are Real! Men Gain Weight When They Become Fathers, Study Confirms

Photo: Giphy
Breaking news: Dad bod is now backed by science! According to the American Journal of Men’s Health, men who become fathers experience weight gain and an increase in body mass index. According to the study, men may gain…

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Petite Picassos: A Georgetown Art Studio Inspired by the Greats

What tiny artists-in-residence need is a bit of guidance and a canvas (that’s not your white walls!). Enter Anna Banana (aka Anne Freeman) and her cute little Georgetown art studio for kids.

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Halloween Candy Buy-Back Event in Greenlake

We have some breaking news on a pretty sweet event happening at Greenlake Kids’ Dentistry! On November 1st between 3:00 pm – 6:00 pm, your kiddos can make a profit and help a worthy cause by selling back their Halloween…

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