Considering an Air Purifier? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

From school to home—and everywhere in between!—parents are paying a lot of attention to air quality these days. And while there’s a whole big world out there, you can add a helpful device to breathe cleaner in your living space:…

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How You Can Restore Your Postpartum Core

By doing the right exercises (one of them is just breathing the right way!) you can safely re-engage your abdominal and pelvic floor muscles.

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Somewhere in the Middle of Hope

“Hope is the air we breathe during survival mode.”

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Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland Is Expecting Her Second Child

Titan Jewell is going to be a big brother.

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How to Help Your Child Manage Frustration

“Try these tips from experts in social and emotional learning (SEL). And guess what? These strategies also work well for frustrated parents!”

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On My 40th Birthday, Here’s Why I’m Happy to Not Be Turning 20

It’s the eve of my 40th birthday. A good chunk of my friends have already reached this milestone. For some it’s been a huge blow out party, for others, a quiet dinner with family.  Some have, at least on the…

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My Kids Are Going Back to School & This Is How I’m Coping

“On the outside, I appear to be calm about my kids going back to school. But I still find myself waking up in the middle of the night from anxiety.”

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11 Ways to De-Stress in 1 Minute (or Less)

Finding yourself overwhelmed by current affairs and a full house? Try one of these quick and easy ideas will help you reboot and re-energize in no time.

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How to Achieve Digital Wellness in a Virtual World

Want to reduce your dependence on your digital devices, even just a little bit? Try these seven tips to detox your technology usage without feeling disconnected.

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Sesame Street Parent PSA

New PSA from “Sesame Street” Reminds Parents to Take Time for Themselves

Elmo’s dad has a message for parents everywhere. Sesame Street knows how much hard work is going into working from home and helping with distance learning. They made a new PSA to remind parents to take a moment for themselves. …

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Easy Meditations for Kids

“The beauty of meditation and mindfulness practice is that it is always available to you. There is nothing fancy you need to begin. All it takes is setting aside a few minutes within your children’s day to devote to one of the above activities.”

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The New Barbie Wellness Collection Teaches Kids Self-Care & Emotional Wellbeing

Kids will learn the importance of emotional wellbeing through play.

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Want to Be More Mindful as a Couple? Try These 4 Techniques

Research has proven that active mindfulness makes you a better, calmer, happier person—for both you and your partner.

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4 Ways to Introduce Mindfulness to Children

Making mindfulness part of your parenting toolkit need not be complicated or time-consuming and by incorporating mindful behaviors into your own life, you teach kids valuable skills that will pay big dividends for years to come.

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Breathless… but Full of Life

Photo: Ruthi Davis Photography
Dear Confessional,
Sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe—and I’m not asthmatic or anxious. I just mean that, often, life seems to take my breath away. Reflections of moments in my past resurface and make me…

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6 Habits for Parents to Foster Their Own Happy Days

Want to be your best self? Here are six ways that help me reset my mind and body to be the best parent I can be.

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6 Mindful Parenting Tips for the New School Year

Whether it’s your child’s first day of preschool or the first day of middle school, a new school year brings with it a whole host of emotions. These tips can help bring a sense of calm and control over a potentially stressful situation.

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Disney Is Looking for a Few Expert Moms (& Dads) for the 2020 Disney Parks Moms Panel

Do you live, breathe and sleep Disney? You might be the mom they’re looking for.

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mom son hu

Mothering Advice That You Actually Want to Hear

We asked real moms what the best piece of advice they’ve been given, and here’s what they had to say.

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Huge Changes Are Coming for Families Visiting Disneyland, So Plan Now

Planning a trip? You’re going to need to rethink your packing list.

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This Innovative Pacifier Could Shorten NICU Stays for Preemies, Study Finds

The power of music could spare parents and the tiniest babies a lot of stress.

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Make a New Year’s Un-Resolution & Resolve to Let Yourself Off the Hook

Photo: Brooke Lark via Unsplash
For those of you needing motivation, a kickstart, or a fire under your buttto get out there and “kill it’ in 2019—this post isn’t for you. 
For those of you who are tired and just…

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I Will Still Love You

“Mom, will you still love me if I’m bad?”

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Are You a Helicopter Parent? Here’s How to Come in for a Landing

Helicopter parenting: That’s something other people do, right? No one wakes up in the morning and says, “Today, I’m going to be a parenting stereotype!” Quite the opposite: parents open their too-often under-rested eyes in the morning and jump right…

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This Is What It Feels Like When Your Holidays Are Touched by Grief

Two years and 337 days ago on a harsh December night, my children’s father died. At just 44 years old, his heart stopped beating and he slipped from life into death as the world slept. I was left to deliver…

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6 Tips for Keeping Your Sanity While Your Kitchen is Remodeled

The kitchen is the heart of the home. For my family, this is truth. Our kitchen has always been the hub of our lives. I am not sure what we would do without it, or at least I wasn’t sure…

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3 Ways to Stop Beating Yourself Up and Be a Better Parent

Most parents struggle with feelings of guilt over thoughts they are not doing a good enough job for their kids. One study from the UK found parents feel guilty at least 23 times a week!

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Here’s Why a Beach Trip Makes You Happier, According to Science

Plan a day of surf and sand if you want to combat stress and give your mood a boost.

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Disney Is Leaving Netflix and Launching Its Own Streaming Service

This move means adding yet another subscription to watch your favorite shows, but there is a silver lining.

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New Product Lets You Set Different Temperature for Each Side of Your Bed

This new duvet could make sharing a bed a whole lot easier.

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