Join the Wolf Pack at Shadowland Foundation

Do you know where the wild things are? This pack of wild and friendly wolves is just an 90 minutes outside the city, and would love to have you join their pack!

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Up, Up & Away! Where to Fly a Kite Around Portland

We’ve found some of the best wide-open spaces for you and your tykes to fly a kite.

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Take One Final Day Trip to Raging Waves

Sneak in one more (or maybe two!) weekends of wet fun before we round the corner to fall and bid farewell to pool time.

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Explore: CuriOdyssey and Playground in San Mateo

Take the kids to CuriOdyssey (formerly known as the Coyote Point Museum) and the nearby Magic Mountain playground, and you’ll find yourself promising to take them back. The museum is chock full of activities (many of them indoors) that will…

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Take your Kids to New Heights

Being a tall building in Seattle is a rough gig. After all, it’s hard to get any attention when you have the Space Needle in your town! And now, with that handsome new Great Wheel in the spotlight? Sigh. A…

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Explore: Ride the Seattle Ducks

What better way to explore your hometown with kids than to make like a Seattle tourist and ride the Ducks? You’ve seen them around town – the strange-looking boats on wheels that quack at you (this is known as a…

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