“Paw Patrol” Is Heading to the Big Screen with an All-Star Cast

You’ve caught yourself humming the PAW Patrol theme song enough to know it’s one of your kiddo’s favorite shows. Now, for the first time EVER, Ryder and his gang of pups are heading out of Adventure Bay and taking to…

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Yes, Pets Definitely Make Life Better, According to New Study

Pet parents report high levels of happiness with fur babies.

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April Reruns Bring May Fun with Season 2 of Bluey

Disney+ will stream 51 more episodes of the popular animated Australian TV show.

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New Study Shows How Therapy Dogs Impact Kids’ Social Skills

Therapy dogs can help children to learn social skills in a meaningful way.

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Can Dogs & Kids Sync Up Their Behaviors? New Study Has Answers

Pups and kids can have interesting relationships.

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Dogs for Joy

Service Dogs Arriving at Children’s Hospitals Thanks to Dunkin’ Dogs for Joy

Three pediatric hospitals will receive their service dogs this month.  

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“SCOOB!” Comes to 4K UHD Combo Pack, Blu-ray and DVD on Jul. 21

SCOOB! reveals the never-before-told story of Scooby’s origins.

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Michelle Obama

Special Guests Announced for “Mondays with Michelle Obama”

The video series will feature Obama reading aloud from beloved children’s books.

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The AKC’s PupPals Program Helps Kids to Heal

Greetings from a canine companion!

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Here’s How To Host a BARKE Sale & Help Both Kids and Canines

This sale benefits fur babies and your babies!

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Dog Days: 9 Storybook Pups We Love

From Harry the Dirty Dog to Paw Patrol, we’ve got fictional canines you’ll love to read with on National #Puppy Day.

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All the Kids Shows & Movies Coming to Netflix in February 2019

Get excited for some Valentine’s Day specials coming to Netflix!

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Does My Dog Need a Flu Shot? Maybe—It Depends

Canine influenza, also known as “dog flu,” is a highly contagious viral infection that’s easily spread from dog to dog.

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Bow WOW: Trader Joe’s Is Selling an Advent Calendar for Dogs

Don’t wait to get your paws on one of these.

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Lessons in Parenting, Courtesy of My Dog

“Note to self: Do like the dog and just shut-up and listen.”

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Puppy Love! Where to Go on Playdates With Your Pup in San Diego

San Diego really is a dog’s world! From the Original Dog Beach to restaurants that offer dog menus, here’s where to take Fido to frolic!

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Your Family Dog Can Help You Live Longer, According to Amazing New Research

Here’s a life-changing reason why dogs totally rule.

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Dog Cafes Are Coming and We’ve Got the Deets

Move over cat cafes, there’s a new breed of four-legged cafes and they’re totally different.

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Young Ballerina’s Photos With Dogs Are Wondrous

This photographer takes the child-meets-canine relationship to a whole new level.

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Baby’s Best Friend? Study Shows Dogs React to Baby Cries in the Same Way People Do

Does your four-legged friend show signs of empathy? A growing body of research is suggesting that dogs can feel emotions towards other people’s pain.

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Richard Adams, Author of ‘Watership Down,’ Passes Away

Richard Adams, the British children’s book author who wrote Watership Down, has died at age 96.  Adams’ daughter told the BBC he passed away on Christmas Eve, just before midnight. No other details were given.
Watership Down (1972), a best-selling…

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Two Dogs and a Baby: An Imperfect Relationship

Photo: Jen Setteducato
Dogs are supposed to be a kid’s best friend, right?
When I think about “man’s best friend” the image I have is always of a little boy frolicking in the yard with his fluffy golden retriever puppy…

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T.G.I.M! Awesome Monday Activities to Jump-Start Your Week

With these great ideas, you’ll never have a case of the Mondays again.

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Smooth Sailing: Local Kid-Friendly Day Cruises

A short day cruise is your chance to tour the area in a new way (a waterway) and take the kids on an unforgettable adventure.

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Who Let the Dogs Out? Best Off-Leash Areas for Pooches & Kids

From beaches to wooded trails to big grassy fields, we’ve rounded up the best off-leash areas for your furry and non-furry family members.

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Just Opened: Hi-Five Sports Zone

At this new state-of-the-art sports complex in SF, kids as young as three can get in the game, learning the basics of their favorite sports and what it means to work as a team.

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Parks and Playgrounds that Rule in the Rain

For those dreary, drizzly winter days when you just need to get outside, here are some of our fave parks and playgrounds that rule in the rain.

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7 Hidden Urban Green Spaces to Escape the City

Urban oases are hidden throughout the city, often in the most unexpected – but desperately – needed places. Check out some of our favorites–you might discover a spot of serenity right in your own neighborhood.

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Bark in the Park

What’s the mark of a seriously infatuated dog owner? Nope, it isn’t the propensity to purchase costumes outside of the traditional Halloween-buying costume season. Nope, it isn’t a personalized dog bed in every room of the apartment. We believe it…

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Noe Court Playground

24th and Douglas
San Francisco, Ca 94110
Noe Court Playground can be found in Noe Courts Park; a small, multi-use park at the calmer end of Noe Valley’s 24th Street. Recently renovated and re-opened in February of 2008, this playground…

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