Melon Mania: 8 Amazing Watermelon Recipes

Today is National Watermelon Day so we’ve rounded up some creative ways to use summer’s favorite fruit.

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Costco’s Killer Return Policy Might Just Rock Your World

Have a Costco purchase you never used? If it’s not electronics, take it back no questions asked.

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We’re Freaking Out Over This Real Farm Vacation

Feed the animals, chow down on homecooked meals and take a spin on the tractor or tire swing. Plus: your kid can milk a cow!

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Parenting Style Primer: What Kind of Parent Will You Be?

No idea what the difference between a tiger mom and a helicopter parent is? Learn the basics now so you can keep up with the playground small talk later.

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6 Places That Teach Kids How to Care For Mother Earth

Love Your Mother! Learn about the earth and have fun at these six San Diego earth-friendly spots.

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5 Little Preschools With Big Gardens

Colors, numbers, and ABC’s are all very well, but you’ve got different priorities for a preschool curriculum. You want your kid learning important life skills, like gardening. Because how else will your family prepare for the food apocalypse?
Luckily, you…

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