Santa Zooms & More Virtual Holiday Events Kids Will Love

Celebrate the season with these can’t-miss at-home happenings.

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March On! 9 Holiday Parades Worth Braving the Cold For

Get ready to layer with some thermals; these DC area parades add warmth to the holiday season.

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The Best Christmas Light Displays in Austin

Get into the holiday spirit when you visit these epic Christmas light displays!

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I Think You Know Santa Might Not Be Real—and It Will Be Okay

Featured Photo Courtesy: USAG Yongsan via Flickr
To my darling (if dubious) firstborn child,
You may have figured out that Santa is not watching you. But I am. I’ve had my eye on you since you first caught sight…

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15 Signs the Holidays Have Arrived in LA

In a city where a June gloomy day can be colder than Christmas, mittens and snow shoveling aren’t what portend a visit from the big guy. Here’s how you can tell the holidays have hit LA!

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5 San Diego Holiday Parades Worth Watching

Get your holiday cheer on with a side of small town charm at one of these parades.

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An Insiders Guide to the Hollywood Christmas Parade

How can you tell it’s time for Christmas in Ho-Ho-Hollywood? When Santa marches down the boulevard in the Hollywood Christmas Parade!

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