Building a Bilingual Global Future at the German International School

Ever wish you mastered another language as a child? When kids have a bilingual education, they’re challenged daily to step out of their comfort zone and connect language to the world around them. Becoming bilingual gives children the tools to…

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All the Things Teachers Really Want This Year

Skip the coffee mugs and crayon artwork, these classroom supplies are in high-demand this school year.

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“Paw Patrol” Is Heading to the Big Screen with an All-Star Cast

You’ve caught yourself humming the PAW Patrol theme song enough to know it’s one of your kiddo’s favorite shows. Now, for the first time EVER, Ryder and his gang of pups are heading out of Adventure Bay and taking to…

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Tips for Navigating the Return to School

We might be excited to return to a sense of normalcy this school year but that doesn’t mean we aren’t nervous. Here’s how to stoke the positivity and conquer the year ahead.

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Crayons for a Cause: This Non-Profit Gives Those Old Crayons New Life

They’re donated to deserving schools and daycare centers!

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The Simple Truth to Happy + Healthy Kids

Photo: Jordan Manfredi
Who do you think gets to spend more time outside? Free-range chickens, prisoners or kids? 
The answer is free range chickens get to spend the most time outside, followed by prisoners who are mandated to have 2…

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Teachers Hit the Bullseye with Target’s Back-to-School Shopping Discount

Get great deals on antibacterial wipes, whiteboard markers, bins and more!

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12 Incredibly Easy Tie-Dye Crafts for Kids

The classic groovy pattern is back! Check out these easy projects and get started.

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LEGO & NASA’s New Space Exploration Series is Free to Watch Now

A 10 week series that’s literally rocket science!

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5 Tips To Prepare Them (and You) For the First Day of Child Care

The first day of anything can be anxiety-inducing, no matter your age. Being a young child, fears and “what-ifs” that surround the unknown can be even tougher for them to verbalize and manage. Though it may be tricky to navigate…

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Morning Coffee with a Side of Mom Guilt

“Despite the fact that my coffee was already brewing, and I had a lot to do, I remained in bed pulling the covers over my head, stuck in my own head, feeling tremendous amounts of mom guilt.”

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5 Digital Learning Tools You May Not Know About

No matter what the school environment looks like for your kiddo this year, chances are they’ve become a whiz at learning with technology. From home to the classroom, many teachers are turning to Google tools to help their students learn…

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Homeschool Tips for Beginners

“Every day, parents across the world are educating their children, and these skills can be used when teaching their kids at home.”

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mom happy baby

What Kind of Mom Am I?

“Would I be the disciplinarian, the fun and cool mom, the teacher, or the helicopter mom?  It turns out, in these past five years, I have managed to be all of the above.”

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50+ Awesome Discounts & Deals Just for Teachers & Educators

For Teacher Appreciation Week, here’s our mega roundup of the best teacher discounts and deals.

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Dear Teachers

“I know it hasn’t been easy over the last year but thank you!”

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5 Tips to Help Ease Back-to-School Fears

“To help overcome your uncertainties about your kids returning to school post-pandemic, consider some of these tips that often help parents and children when they start kindergarten.”

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What Surprised Me about Our New Normal

“Suddenly there are no dirty dishes to be found in the sink—remnants of quick snack breaks between my kids’ classes or between my husband’s meetings.”

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Unpacking Dyslexia & How to Best Support Your Learner During COVID

“It was not until several years later after various assessments and many thousands of dollars that we confirmed my daughter was exhibiting signs of a language-based learning disorder dyslexia.”

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National Parks Maps

Visit All 62 National Parks with One Awesome Book

Discover a park you’ve never heard of before.

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The Easiest Way for Oregonians to Have Fun and Do Good

Support your local teachers and students, with the Oregon Lottery! Over half of the Lottery’s profits go to public education, paying for much-needed textbooks, computers, equipment, scholarships and more.

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LEGO BricQ Motion

LEGO Education Unveils New Tech-Free STEAM Learning Initiative

The kits have lessons that teach force, motion and energy.

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7 Tips Every Parent Needs to Know for Effective Virtual Learning

“As the virtual classroom continues, many kids may be losing momentum and parents are certainly feeling drained. With no end in sight anytime soon, I wanted to share some virtual learning tips to keep kids engaged and us parents sane.”

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Teacher Style Box

New Clothing Subscription Exclusively for Teachers Has Launched

Teacher Style Box is a subscription service just for teachers.

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Etsy Reveals Shopping Trends for 2021

Say hello to “friluftsliv.”

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The Valentine’s Day Gift That No Kid Wants

Photo: Laura Ockel/Unsplash
Ah, Valentine’s Day: is there any other holiday besides Halloween more closely linked with candy, dessert, flowers and jewelry? Read on for some tips to make this holiday a safe one for those you love the most, both…

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Dairy Farmers of America & Their Cows Are “Zoom-Bombing” Classrooms

They are giving a whole new meaning to show-and-tell.

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Raising Anti-Racists: The Work Starts with Me

“My job in raising these white boys is to give them the education to know what racism is, not only so that they can see the privilege that surrounds them, but so that they can do everything they can to stop the injustices happening in our world.”

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This New Series Might Hold the Secret to Literacy in Early Learners

It was developed by a reading and literary specialist.

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KIDZ BOP Introduces Resources to Keep Kids Engaged & Active

They will host playlists with warm up, brain break, cool down, study time and gym jams.

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zoom call

FlexJobs Survey Finds Working Parents Had to Quit or Reduce Their Hours Since the Pandemic

The survey highlights the critical need for flexible work accommodations.

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A World of Wait & See during COVID-19

“While I am very much a ‘you do you’ and ‘I will do me’ kind of person, it is hard at times and makes me question our approach. Are we doing the right thing?”

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