Home Away from Home: Atlanta’s Best Airbnbs

Check out these awesome Airbnbs in Atlanta.

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Family on beach

This Is the Most Planned Family Vacation for 2021 (According to Experts)

Are you already dreaming about your post-pandemic trip?

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10 Tips for Organizing LEGOS

“When you have kids who love LEGOS, you quickly figure out the best way to help organize and store those tiny little bricks.”

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Airbnb Hosts Enrolled More Than 1 Million Listings in Cleaning Protocol

Bookings for listings opted into the Enhanced Cleaning Protocol are more likely to be for family stays. 

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At What Age Can I Potty Train My Child?

“Establishing healthy potty use and attitudes from an early age is beneficial to your child, on so many levels. Parents: You get to choose, from birth, whether to train your baby into using the diaper as a full-time toilet, or using the toilet as a full-time toilet.”

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I Can Be Organized or I Can Raise Little Kids—I Can’t Do Both

If you can have kids under age five and still keep the house clean, I commend you. But I can not. And in all honesty, I’ve stopped trying.

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Daycare or Nanny? Use This Checklist to Help Make Your Childcare Decision

This daycare verse nanny checklist plus doing your research will help provide all the information you need to make the right childcare decision for you and your family.

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Dear Sweetheart: You Are the Smelly Kid in Class

“You are perfect and beautiful and strong and lovely, but you must be clean.”

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Coworking Spaces Perfect for Parents

Looking for your next home away from the home office? Here arespots perfect for the work-from-home parent.

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How to Get Your Kids to Clean the House

Today is National No Housework Day. So take a break and let the kids pick up the slack.

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Airbnb Announces Major Updates & Your Family Travel Plans Just Got More Awesome

As if we needed another reason to love Airbnb for awesome family travel.

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10 Insider Tips to Booking a VRBO Family Vacation Rental House Like a Pro

Staying in a hotel can be great, especially for short stays. But for longer trips, I look for an apartment or house to rent. Having a kitchen saves us money by not eating out constantly, and if you are traveling…

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The Funniest Stall Tactics Kids Have Ever Used to Avoid Bedtime

Think your kids have the perfect excuse to avoid going to bed? Check out these clever tactics.

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This Blogger’s Message About Having a Dirty House Is Everything We Needed to Read

Stop worrying about your messy house and listen to this blogger who’s here to tell you that your kids are more important than your mess.

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Why It’s Not Healthy For Me To Have A Clean House

Photo: Pixabay
When I was single my house was clean.
When I got married and it was just my husband, myself, and our dog, my house was clean. I could clean my house once every two weeks and for the…

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Age Three: The Year Of The Super-Hater

Why age three might just be the worst age in ALL of childhood.

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Just Opened: Rotary PlayGarden in San Jose

Slides, swings, kinetic art and planes constantly zooming right overhead are just some of the many features of the awesome new Rotary PlayGarden near Mineta San Jose Airport.

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Hop To It! Where to Get Your Jump on in Atlanta

When they are bouncing off the walls, break out of the house and take them to one of these Atlanta-area, indoor play spots.

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Happy Mom Tip #4: Organize

Today’s Tip:  Clean out a drawer today.  (Perhaps that one that drives you crazy every time you open it?)
Organization can be grouped with personal cleanliness, a state with clear psychological benefits. We talk about washing away our sins, wiping…

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