When Everything & Nothing Changes

“Despite receiving the diagnosis I always suspected, I knew him just like I had known him from the very moment he took his first breath into the world.”

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Can You Be Allergic to Valentine’s Day? You Totally Could Be

Photo: Inna Lesyk/Pexels
It’s tough to plan a flawless date for that special valentine when allergies and asthma can get in the way. Allergies are the 6th leading cause of chronic illness in the U.S. with an annual cost in…

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The Valentine’s Day Gift That No Kid Wants

Photo: Laura Ockel/Unsplash
Ah, Valentine’s Day: is there any other holiday besides Halloween more closely linked with candy, dessert, flowers and jewelry? Read on for some tips to make this holiday a safe one for those you love the most, both…

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The Year Our Christmas Presents Changed Forever

Photo: Free-Photos/Pixabay
Our family Christmases were idyllic, if simple. Each year on Christmas Day, we would all open our presents. My sister and I would get doll clothes (this was when you got outfits, not multiple Barbies) and plush animals,…

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Why We Keep It Real at Christmas

Remember the last time your nose made you time travel? When you caught a whiff of a scent and were transported instantly to a moment from your past? This happens to me every time I somehow detect the fragrance of …

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