Take a Look: Levar Burton to Host Weekly Story Times for Kids, YA & Grownups

Our beloved Reading Rainbow star is back again with stories for kids, young adults and adults.

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Stitch Fix Kids Is Expanding Its Selection & Shopping Just Got Even Easier

Stitch Fix Kids is going to change the way you shop for back-to-school clothes forever.

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So, Your Kid Needs Glasses—Now What? 5 Things Every Parent Should Know

Finally hearing the words from your child’s physician can be overwhelming. Here’s how to cope.

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We Don’t Have to Cut Our Son’s Hair—& You Can’t Make Us, Either

“That’s it! We’re cutting it off!” I announced to my thoroughly exasperated husband after the most recent bout of screaming, tears, and thrown hairbrushes. (The thrown hairbrushes were on the part of my two-year-old, but it’s possible some of the…

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3 Simple Board Books That Will Teach Kindness in a Powerful Way

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When deciding to have a child, my husband and I talked a lot about what we wanted for our new little one. We decided we wanted her to be kind, respectful and happy. Easy enough,…

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My Toy Sh*t List: Toys I Would NOT Mind Watching Burn

I am so sick of toys. Toys are EVERYWHERE. They find their way into every single room in this house, they are in my car, they are scattered throughout our yard.  They go missing at random and cause epic meltdowns.…

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Meat Market: The Best Burgers in Atlanta

In celebration of National Hamburger Day on May 28th, we grilled our gang for who has the best burgers in town. Here’s who topped the list:

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An Idyllic Road Trip (Sand, Surf, and a Playground for Tots Included)

Summer is almost here, which means… road trip! This year, rather than rushing from one big city to the next, why not slow down somewhere along the California coastline? It will mean getting off the 5 and onto the 101…

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