The Mind-Body Wellness Benefits of Tea for Parents

“We all need a little morning energy boost, midday pick-me-up, or evening relaxer every now and then, but not all are as beneficial to our overall health and wellness as tea.”

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A Pediatrician Mom Shares 10 Tips to Survive Cold & Cough Season

The sniffles, a bug, a common cold—no matter what you call it, being sick is a pain, and seeing your tiny human under the weather is tough on parents.

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Can That Viral “Potatoes in Socks” Home Remedy REALLY Cure a Cold?

One mom swears by this potato trick during cold and flu season. But does it actually work?

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Low-Energy Activities for Those Days You Just Have None

Consider a few of these easy (and low-energy!) activities that are perfect for the next time sickness strikes!

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Sick Day

What Parents Need to Know about the Coronavirus

With over 100,000 confirmed cases globally, what does that mean for you and your family?

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10 Things We Should All Be Telling Our Sons

Open, honest and frequent communications are the key to battling stereotypes about boyhood.

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Free & Discounted Museum Days to Jot Down

Did your 2020 resolutions include visiting more museums? How about staying on a budget? Score! You can tackle both at once.

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5 Health Topics You Should Always Discuss with Your Kids

These five topics are essential to discuss to help you connect with your children, build trust, and teach your children how to keep themselves healthy day-to-day.

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12 Absolutely Essential Tips to Keep Your Kids Healthy This Winter

No need to hibernate until spring—we’ve got you covered against cold and flu season.

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When It’s Not “Just” a Cold: What Parents Need to Know about RSV

It’s cold and flu season, but RSV is so much more than just a cold. Here’s the scoop parents need to know.

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Science Says Chicken Soup Really Is the Best Medicine

It turns out moms were right all along.

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4 Easy Ways My Family Is Staying Healthy This School Year

Summer is coming to an end and the list of things we have to get done before the new school year is getting longer and longer.  School supplies, new clothes, immunization forms, carpool arrangements, and after school activities, the list…

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5 Steps to Avoiding Getting the Flu

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The winter season is one of the busiest times of year for pediatricians, as we see a huge peak in influenza( the flu) and other viruses. As we start to head deeper into flu season, the waiting…

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Spring Allergies… Are You Ready?

Photo: Adobe Stock
Spring is here! The weather is warming up and flu season is almost over! This is the time of year for sun, fun, and relaxation. Unfortunately as the snow begins to melt away and the flowers begin…

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10 Reasons You Shouldn’t Work Out to Lose Weight

Photo: GraphicStock
Take a guess at the #1 reason people work out.
To lose weight, of course. We all know that.

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Unfortunately, we also know that the majority don’t keep it up and don’t reach…

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Chicken Tortilla Soup

Instead of opening up a can, turn to this chicken tortilla soup recipe, a favorite of Mom’s Kitchen Handbook founder, Katie Morford and her family.

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See Ya Sniffles! 12 Cold-Busting Recipes to Try This Winter

Get an extra hand in fighting colds with 12 great ways to dish up a few super (kid-friendly) foods.

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