Want to Win at Parenting? Try These Tips

I recently discovered three parenting tips that are totally working for my family and I thought it would be worth sharing in case they can help another mom or dad feel like they are winning at this parenting thing too.

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Tips for Navigating the Return to School

We might be excited to return to a sense of normalcy this school year but that doesn’t mean we aren’t nervous. Here’s how to stoke the positivity and conquer the year ahead.

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Want to Connect With Your Child? Try Technology

“Despite my efforts to reduce screentime and connect with my kids, it wasn’t working. So then I tried this and suddenly we are engaging, laughing and sharing inside jokes.”

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You Are Forever Loved

“Your giggle is imprinted on my soul.”

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These Are the Top Baby Names for Future Social Media Influencers, Study Finds

These are the top baby names for IG influencers in the making.

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You’re Going to Want Everything in the New Levi’s x Target Collab

The new line has everything you need for your home.

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9 Reasons Moms Need to Get Their Stress in Check

“Just like any job or role in life, being a mom can come with some serious stress. Here are just a few reasons why it’s important to keep your stress in check.”

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Brushing Goes High-Tech with Colgate’s Hum Kids

Make brushing your kiddos teeth as fun as possible.

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Why Is Letting Go So Hard?

“But seriously, how was I just holding this sweet girl, right after being born still connected to me, and now she will be living on her own?”

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Girl Scout Cookies

What You Need to Know About This Year’s Girl Scout Cookie Season

Nationwide online cookie ordering will be available Feb. 1.

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A World-Class Emergency Department Just For Bay Area Kids

When your child needs emergency care, you want the best care possible.  Luckily for Bay Area parents, world-class care is available 24/7 at the pediatric emergency department at Stanford Medicine.

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Beat the Long-Distance Blues: 9 Tips for Surviving (and Enjoying!) Holidays Away from Family

Love the ones you’re with this holiday season with these tips on how to make spirits bright even when family is far apart.

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kids on their phones and texting

4 Reasons Why My 13 Year-Old Is Not Allowed on Social Media

Photo: Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
Ok. it’s 2019. I get (well not really) that people feel like their fetus needs to have its own Snapchat. But can we please take a minute to talk about this. I have a…

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Verizon’s Newest GizmoWatch Is a Must for Disney Fans

Keep track of your kiddos in Disney style.

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Put down the iPad & Go Outside

“Having to disconnect is so beneficial. You will start to notice an immediate change in attitude in yourself as well as your kids.”

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CVS Pharmacy & Hershey Will Distribute 1M Boo-Bags This Halloween

These free bags offer a fun and safe alternative to trick-or-treating.

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Fuzzible Friends

Jazwares Announces First Plush With Alexa Technology

The new line engages your little one through interactive games, story time and more.

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Homeschooling Families Are Hitting the Road in RVs

Families are getting creative with new schedules, routines and workspaces.

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Study Shows Streaming Services Help Improve Mental Health

Those surveyed said these services help with looking after their mental wellbeing. 

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DC Caribu

Caribu Partners with DC to Add 75+ Kid-Friendly Comics

The app offers unlimited interactive content options for kids ages 8-12 for free all summer.

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Preschoolers: Staying Connected While Staying Apart

“How do we keep our child connected and safe at the same time? Through trial and error, we found these things that are working for us and might also work for you too.”

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mom and newborn

Facebook Debuts New Parent Resource Hub to Offer Support & Assistance

The new Hub is giving parents an all-in-one place to find everything they need to stay connected.

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BIC Looks to Spread Cheer This Spring

April flowers bring May flowers.

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Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper Announces Awards Show for Teachers

He will surprise teachers with supplies, donations and more.

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How to Achieve Digital Wellness in a Virtual World

Want to reduce your dependence on your digital devices, even just a little bit? Try these seven tips to detox your technology usage without feeling disconnected.

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Celebrate Earth Day with a New Challenge from LEGO & NASA

LEGO and NASA are challenging everyone to think globally and build a planet of their choice.

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4 Ways for Your Child to Stay Connected While at Home

“Here are four suggestions for how to minimize feelings of isolation and ensure that your child continues to build and broaden their social skills.”

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Fraggle Rock

Apple Brings Back the Fraggles & You Can Watch for Free

New mini-episodes will continue to premiere every Tuesday. 

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Celebrate Earth Day with a Neighborhood Safari from NatGeo@Home

We can’t go on a safari, so bring the safari to you!

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How Kids Can Practice Their Social Skills during a Virtual Playdate

“it’s important to remember that kids need to keep in touch with their friends just as much, if not more than we do.”

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Easy Ways to Stay Connected to Grandparents from a Distance

Travel plans been waylaid? We’ve got some helpful ways to keep the connection going between generations.

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