7-Eleven Baked Goods

7-Eleven Launches New Bakery Line

The line will roll out in select stores nationwide.

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Whole Foods Opened Its Very First Convenience Store & This Changes Everything

Fair trade coffee, tasty kombucha and more—all with grab-and-go convenience.

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Amazon Just Opened Its Second Cashless Store—Where Will It Open Next?

Amazon takes “convenience store” to a whole new level with Amazon Go.

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Make a List: Must-Visit Mom and Pop Markets

Full of fresh produce, knick-knacks and a ton of fun, mom and pop convenience stores, reminiscent of our grandparents’ generation, are making a huge comeback in the DMV.

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Just Opened: VR World, a Virtual Reality Playground

Battle space aliens! Become a master chef! Run a convenience store! (Yes.) More than two dozen experiences under one roof!

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That Time I Forgot I Love My Husband

Photo: Simply Green Photography
I love my husband Gabe more than I thought it was possible to love anyone, but sometimes I forget.  I get swept up in our day-to-day life, managing the comings and goings of our tribe and…

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Homework Is For Rich Kids

Everyone hates it: Teachers hate grading it, parents hate supervising it, kids hate doing it. 

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It’s been studied for more than 60 years, but research still can’t say whether it works. Some studies say it…

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5 Simple Tips To Avoid the Hangries

The following is shared from one of our favorite moms, Amanda Carlisle of AFewShortcuts.com.
We are always on the go during the Summer. The one thing that happens more often than I would like to admit is someone gets hangry.…

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5 Practical Family Resolutions for the New Year

This post originally appeared on AFewShortcuts.com
You hear all of these outlandish resolutions from people that you know are going to be hard to keep. Setting practical family resolutions for the New Year is essential because you are making them…

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The Hidden (Kid Approved) Museums Of LA

Check out some of the “secret” museums around town that may have managed to fly under your radar – until now.

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The District’s Top Pops

The next time you need to beat the heat, zip over to one of these artisan popsicle shops that will give your favorite ice cream parlor a run for its money.

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Mix, Slurp and Burp at Galco’s Soda Pop Stop

With hard-to-find historical treats and the new “mix your own flavor station”, you’ll find plenty of reasons to indulge in a Pop Stop at Galco’s.

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San Jose del Cabo: A Family Vacation in Mexico

If the phrase “going to Cabo” reminds you of your college days, think again!  San Jose del Cabo (about 25 minutes away from Cabo San Lucas) is  full of family friendly beaches and kid-friendly adventure. Here are just a handful…

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