The ’70s Are Back with Nestlé Toll House’s Disco Morsels

These chocolate chips sparkle and shine with edible glitter.

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Heart Shape Cutout Sugar Cookie Dough

Bake up Some Love with Pillsbury

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Pillsbury.

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Sugar Cookie Blossoms

Hershey Inspires Holiday Baking with New Sugar Cookie Blossoms Recipe

This new, colorful cookie recipe is the latest addition to the Blossoms cookie library.

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The Cutest Snowman-Inspired Snacks (Sweet & Savory)

Even if the weather outside is not all that frightful you can still bring the flurries in with these too-cute snowman snacks.

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20 Fantastic Gifts for Two-Year-Olds

We’ve got the best toys and games for a busy toddler near you.

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Pillsbury Oreo Cookie Dough

Pillsbury Introduces New Cookie Dough with OREO Cookie Pieces

It’s a delicious new spin on America’s favorite cookie.

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DQ Fall Candles

Light Up Your Fall with DQ Fall Blizzard Menu and Candle Collection

The Fall Blizzard Menu offers favorite seasonal flavors .

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Gingerbread Cookie Dough Bites

Ben & Jerry’s Releases Edible Cookie Dough in Seasonal Flavors

The snackable dough is safe to eat without baking.

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Where to Score Summertime Deals for Seattle Families

From sporting goods, to family meals, to free face masks, here’s where to score sweet deals right now.

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Nestle Toll House Is Selling “Hocus Pocus” Cookie Dough

Make a batch while watching the classic Halloween film.

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Baskin-Robbins’ Flavor of the Month Is Packed with Cookie Goodness & We Can’t Get Enough

What’s a more delicious treat than a batch of mom’s homemade, fresh-baked cookies?

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Parents Can Finally Say “Yes” to Eating Raw Cookie Dough

Haylie Duff kicks off the #SayYesChallenge with Pillsbury.

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Polar Pizza

Get an Ice Cream Pizza from Baskin Robbins Delivered Right to Your Door

You can even completely customize your own Polar Pizza.

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Friendly’s Ice Cream Sundae Kits Are Your New Weekend Plans

The perfect sundae kit is just a few clicks away.

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