girl reading

This New Reading Assessment Tool Is a Game-Changer

It can be used as an early intervention tool.

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Why People Born in November Are the Happiest (According to Studies)

November babies are a rare breed indeed. Find out what unique qualities your kiddo might have if she was born in the 11th month.

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Newborn baby

New Study Shows That Babies Are Hardwired to See Faces and Places

New research shows that a baby’s brain is more adult-like than previously thought.

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Screen Time Physically Changes Your Kid’s Brain, New Study Reveals

The findings of this important study are pretty shocking—but parents shouldn’t panic just yet.

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Fur Realz, Crash Bandicoot Is Back!

Here’s why this ’90s icon is back and better than ever.

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15 Signs You’re a Kid of the 90s

Do you identify as a kid of the 90s?

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Righty or Lefty? Fascinating New Study Shows it’s Decided In the Womb

photo: ckmck via Flickr
Wondering if your baby will end up a righty or a lefty? Despite popular belief that hand-preference isn’t decided till your child heads to preschool, a new study suggests that it is actually determined long before…

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Remembering Gigi: How to Keep the Memory of Loved Ones Alive for Children

Photo: Paula Bordenkecher
“She’ll never remember my mama,” I cried into my husband’s arms. We were standing outside of the local hospital in the July heat last year, digesting the terminal diagnosis my mother had just been given.  Was it…

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