Books That Will Get Your Child Excited about School

From a pig who is determined to learn how to read to a big kid who learns to stand up to a bully, these stories will help prepare kids for a great year of learning.

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Accepting Help Takes Strength & Courage

“My hope for all of you today is that despite the chaos in the world right now, you open the door and receive support if you feel overwhelmed so you are given the strength to do whatever is in front of you.”

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20 Empowering Things to Say to Your Daughter Every Day

You want to tell your daughter what she really needs to hear. Here are our favorite ways to do it.

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Why I Love Fairy Tales

“Fairy tales teach us about empathy and compassion, relationships, and the difference between good and evil. These stories are more than just happily ever after. They portray real moral lessons thru characters and virtue shown in the stories.”

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Celebrate Amelia Earhart with a Free LEGO Set

Don’t wait. It’s only around until Mar. 14.

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Celebrating Kindness One Book at a Time

“The heroes of our February stories—a Syrian ambulance driver, a track coach, an oak tree—are ordinary in most ways except in their capacity to promote kindness.”

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This Mom of 2 Created a School-in-the-Box Program Parents Everywhere Need

The Big World of Little Dude has stepped up, and you can, too!

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Sesame Workshop Announces Animated Special “The Monster at the End of This Story”

They also released a new video of celebrities reading the beloved book in celebration of the special.

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5 Pieces of Timeless & Relevant Advice from My Mom

“It is important to tell the people you love and care about how you feel, not to hold back. For, in the end, it’s the relationships we have with the people we love that truly matters.”

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Heroes with Heart

American Girl “Heroes with Heart” Contest Winners Announced

Five winners were selected from more than 1,000 nominations.

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What Is on Your Family’s Coat of Arms?

If you could create your own family’s coat of arms, what values would you choose to prominently display?

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The North Face Camp

The North Face Launches Free Virtual Camp Experience

This unique summer camp will introduce kids to the wonders of exploration.

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Newest Slumberkin Is Here to Help Raise Empathetic Leaders

The sweet and cuddly creature shares a special message.

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Animal Games That Will Inspire Your Kid’s Imagination

“Whether they are fuzzy or fierce, animals are a natural springboard for courage and silliness, and are an awesome gateway into that imaginative magic.”

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Girls’ Voices Matter. Here’s 4 Ways to Let Them Know That

Photo: Shutterstock
Girls know how to create stories on Instagram. They are experts at Snap streaks. They can run circles around us when it comes to using social media platforms to share photos and their highlight reel as well as…

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Confronting the Fear of the Unknown

“Is fear always a bad thing? Not necessarily—it’s an emotion that can help propel us towards our goals or warns us to slow down and proceed with caution.”

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Del Rey Luminous Cover

“Star Wars: The High Republic” Revealed: New Books Delve into Jedi Saga

These stories thaks place two hundred years before the events of Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.

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5 Spotless Reasons Why Rubber Gloves Should Be Every Parent’s BFF

Photo: Keiko Zoll
Most people laugh when they see me come to the door wearing bright yellow (or sometimes purple) rubber gloves. I walk around the house wearing them too. I don them for obvious things like washing dishes—but if…

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Halloween Candy Buybacks That Will Save Your Kids’ Teeth

Exchange your Halloween treats for dollars! Check out these local dentists who are hosting candy buy-back drives.

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California Is the First State to Ban Lunch Shaming & It’s Thanks to This 10-Year-Old

Students will never be forced to eat an inferior meal due to lunch debt again.

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5 Tools to Arm Your Child against the Effects of Bullying

Bullies have been around forever so until there’s a time when there are fewer bullies, help protect your children by arming them with education. Knowledge is their power.

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20 Tips to Improve Communication with Your Kids

When we connect in any relationship, from the core of the heart, positive energy flows between us and a deep bond is created. These 20 tips may help strengthen that bond.

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Angelina Jolie Shares the Advice She Gives Her Daughters On Women’s Rights

Both her daughters and sons benefit from her knowledge.

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3 Books to Celebrate the Power of Girls this March

Photo: Stratford School
As March includes International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, at Stratford School, we have curated a list of inspirational books for young women. These books about heroines all have a compelling message, which is: there is a…

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Reservations Are Now Open for Disneyland’s New Princess Breakfast

This new Disney Princess experience is up close and personal in a whole new way.

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This Mom’s Gender Reveal Photoshoot 20 Years After Giving Birth Is Pure Love

This mom marked an important milestone in an incredible way.

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Beyond the Crystal Ball: Talking to Kids about Their Future

Photo: Rawpixel
You’ve all heard it recently. The world has gone crazy. Today’s kids have it harder than we did, with bigger and badder problems, right? But kids I know seem to hold onto innocence longer, approach life more cautiously and…

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