6 New Ways to Embrace Creativity This Summer

Summer is a terrific time to embrace creativity as part of your family’s routine. Here are 6 fun ways to showcase that imagination.

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Celebrate Curiosity Month with This Free Kit!

Have inquisitive kiddos? Check. 
Do they love Curious George books? Check. 
Is your crew always up for a party? Check. 
September is Curiosity Month with Curious George. And clearly, you have three good reasons to get in on the fun…

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Why Imaginative Play Is So Important

In addition to being downright fun, imaginative play allows kids the opportunity to practice their social, language and creative thinking skills.

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Magna-Tiles You Can Draw On? Add to Cart!

Doodling just got a lot cooler.

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The Simple Truth to Happy + Healthy Kids

Photo: Jordan Manfredi
Who do you think gets to spend more time outside? Free-range chickens, prisoners or kids? 
The answer is free range chickens get to spend the most time outside, followed by prisoners who are mandated to have 2…

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This New App Brings Top-Notch Education Right to Your Home

Thanks to Bennett Live, inspired by the educational style of Bennett Day School, you can now give your kids access to a vast library of engaging media, programming, and educational resources that will help them explore, learn and create independently—all from their favorite device!

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Why I Love Fairy Tales

“Fairy tales teach us about empathy and compassion, relationships, and the difference between good and evil. These stories are more than just happily ever after. They portray real moral lessons thru characters and virtue shown in the stories.”

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Let Your Kids Be Bored to Expand Their Imaginations

“Helping a child tune-in to what exactly their brains and bodies are seeking can help them learn to meet their own needs. This is a vital and empowering lesson kids can learn at this early age.”

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Easy Confetti Party Craft Perfect for New Year’s Eve

Ring in 2021 with an activity that really pops.

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Sesame Workshop Debuts First-Ever Rohingya Muppets

Noor and Aziz will be featured in groundbreaking Rohingya-language content for children affected by displacement.

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Kidoodle Masks

Kadoodle Kids Inspires Imagination & Creativity

The new kits allow kids to decorate masks for themselves and their favorite toys.

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These Are the Best Toys of 2020, According to Parents

The Parent’s Choice Foundation has the low-down on the best toys of the year.

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Want to Trick-or-Treat Safely? This Invention Is the Key

There’s still time to whip up this DIY project!

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Democracy Doodle

Mo Willems & the National Symphony Orchestra Launch Democracy Doodle 2020

Tune in to The Kennedy Center for this Election Night activity.

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Put down the iPad & Go Outside

“Having to disconnect is so beneficial. You will start to notice an immediate change in attitude in yourself as well as your kids.”

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Story Pirates Season 4

Story Pirates Launches 4th Season of Top-Rated Podcast

They also just launched regular online after school programs.

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Happy Socks X Mr. Potato Head

Mr. Potato Head Gets a Candy Colored Makeover Thanks to Happy Socks

The collection honors the icon and celebrates the fun he represents. 

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9 Reasons Why I Let My Kids Be Bored & You Should Too

“My kids know that it isn’t my job to provide them with endless entertainment options. Here’s why I let my kids be bored—and why you should consider it, too.”

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Funfetti frosting

Pillsbury Introduces New Funfetti Llama and Mermaid Frostings

They’re perfect for topping both cakes and cupcakes.

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IKEA and the LEGO Group Introduce BYGGLEK

BYGGLEK allows creations to be built and displayed both inside and on top.

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Clixo Gives a Modern Makeover to the Classic Building Toy

It combines the magic of origami with the ease of classic block building.

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Joanna Gaines’ New Children’s Book Is Available for Pre-Sale

Preorder “The World Needs Who You Were Made to Be” today.

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Etch A Sketch Classic

Celebrate 60 Years of Etch A Sketch

Etch A Sketch will be 60% off at Walmart on Jul. 12.

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The Story Pirates Are Hosting a Virtual Pride Show

The show will feature a cast of incredible LGBTQIA+ Story Pirates.

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Build a Balanced Breakfast with Kellogg’s Minecraft Creeper Crunch Cereal

The cinnamon flavored cereal contains green creeper marshmallows.

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