Magnetic Poetry: 10 Reasons to Plan a Trip to Key West with the Kids

This historic Florida town has everything a kid could want and more, including pie!

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Recently Opened: Fifty Licks 2nd Location

Cool of at Fifty Licks new East Burnside location. Read on to find out more.

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Ditch the Kitchen Table: Seattle’s Best Spots to Do Homework

If your little scholar needs to tackle homework, we’ve rounded up a handful of spots that offer homework help, free WiFi and even some inspiring views for learners of all ages.

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A Kid-Friendly Java Joint with an Exotic Twist

Seattle has its fair share of coffee houses, from the-Starbucks-on-every-corner scene to the caboodle of indie coffee shops. But as of yet, there’s only one place in Seattle where you’ll find authentic Cuban coffee with a kid-friendly atmosphere: El Diablo.…

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