This Skeleton Craft Is Perfect for Halloween & Día de Los Muertos

Keep it classic, or add color and sparkle for Día de los Muertos.

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The Ultimate Bay Area Playground Guide

Our ultimate 2021 Bay Area playground guide points you to the best places to slide, swing and play!

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These New Pillsbury Cookies Are Dino-Mite!

Now you can bake a batch of dinosaur themed cookies!

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Line Up: 4 Crafty Ways to Introduce Kids to Poetry

From the budding Beatnik to a free-loving free verser, we’ve got four fun ways to show your kids that poetry is not just about the rhyme.

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Teaching the Butterfly Perspective

“Playing with perspective supports the notion that we are not limited to seeing things from one viewpoint. We can go beyond our limitations of what we see by using the inventiveness of our imagination.”

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This Easy DIY Card Is the Next Best Thing to Giving an Actual Hug

Want to send a hug through the mail? We’ve got the cutest card that does just that.

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4 Simple Cranberry Crafts That Won’t Bog You Down

Today is Cranberry Day. From luminaires to wreaths, we’ve found five simple projects that call for our favorite tart little fruit.

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Bee Happy Hoppers

Fill Your Playroom with These ALDI Finds

They will be available the week of Sept. 16. 

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7-Eleven Baked Goods

7-Eleven Launches New Bakery Line

The line will roll out in select stores nationwide.

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Flying Solo: 11 Crafts & Activities for Star Wars Fans

Whether you’ve got 5 minutes or 50, you won’t need to “force” the kids to do these cool crafts.

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Little Shoppers Missing Their Grocery Trip? Try This Fun Game at Home

“This all-encompassing activity incorporates exercise (jumping jacks), math (counting, addition, subtraction), budgeting (shopping), science (food groups), and fine motor skills (cutting, gluing, coloring)!”

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This Adorable New Collab Will Change Dinner Time Forever

These reusable placemats from Zoli have a special feature that will make meals a joy.

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If You’ve Got It, Haunt It: Easy Ghost Craft

We’re calling it. Today is Haunted House Day and we’ve got the “boo-torial” on how to make the world’s easiest Halloween craft. Follow along the easy, step-by-step guide and make something clever with the kids!

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Eerie Entry: How to Turn Your Door into a Monster

Monster Day, you say? You and your little monsters will love this easy tutorial that will have you living with a (friendly) monster at home in next-to-no time.

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Crafting with Nickelodeon: Top Wing Badges

Inspired by the flight crew of Nickelodeon’s Top Wing, inspire your child to earn their own “wings” by creating custom badges for fun experiences and hand them out once they’ve achieved the task. Tune in Weekdays on Nickelodeon for more…

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Crafting with Nickelodeon: PAW Patrol Letters

Using colors inspired by your little ones favorite PAW Patrol character on Nickelodeon, and a few other materials, you can work together to craft a PAW Patrol inspired letter! Tune in Weekdays on Nickelodeon for more PAW Patrol.

Required Supplies…

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Crafting with Nickelodeon: DIY Bozzly Fuzzly

Sometimes all a little one needs is something snuggly and soft, like an Abby Hatcher Fuzzly friend! Create your own Fuzzly inspired by Nickelodeon’s Bozzly. Tune in Weekdays on Nickelodeon for more Abby Hatcher.

Required Supplies

Colorful Sock

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9 Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunts

Stop searching. We’ve found what you’re looking for.

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A Menorah You Can Make in One Afternoon

This adorable (and affordable) DIY menorah will be light up your celebration in a big way.

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Curiouser and Curiouser: 6 “Alice in Wonderland” Crafts to Spark Creativity

Today is Mad Hatter Day (in this style, 10/6) so we’ve put together a crazy awesome collection of Alice in Wonderland-inspired projects.

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Apple’s Newest iPhones Were Basically Made for Busy Moms

Seriously moms: how did we ever survive without smartphones?

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A Week’s Worth of Freezer-Friendly Egg Sandwiches

Get a jump start on the week by making ahead a week’s worth of egg sandwiches for your family.


10 Eggland’s Best Large Eggs
6 English Muffins
6 Slices of Cheese
1 Cup of Milk
Non-stick Spray



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