Coolest Ice Cream Shops You Can Visit Now  

Try these ice cream spots when the dog days of summer get too hot to handle.

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Here’s How to Win a Summer of Free Blizzards

It’s gonna be a sweet, sweet summer.

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The 5 Golden Rules of a Healthy School Lunch

“A healthy lunch is an opportunity to provide your kids with all the resources they need to stay active, grow healthfully, and learn successfully throughout the day.”

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The 11 Healthiest Breakfast Ideas from Trader Joe’s (According to Experts)

We’ve asked a Registered Dietician on the best choices for breakfasts, and here’s what she said.

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Are Your Kids Getting Enough Nutrients?

“Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in packing lunches, here are some ideas to take your lunchbox to the next nutritious level.”

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Weis Ice Cream Recall

More Than 11,000 Cartons of Ice Cream Are Being Recalled

The containers could contain pieces of metal.

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Top Allergy-Friendly Bars

“Everyone needs a snack at some point and is especially challenging when you have food allergies. Check out this list so you never get caught empty-handed or hungry, ever again!”

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pistachio latte

Starbucks’ New Winter Menu Is Totally Nuts

They also added a new sous vide egg bite flavor.

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General Mills Got Milk?

Lucky & the Trix Rabbit Show off Their Milk Mustaches on New Limited Edition Boxes

General Mills and got milk? have joined forces for the first time.

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You’ll Heart ALDI’s Cheesy Valentine’s Day Picks

Share the love on Valentine’s Day—with cheese!

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JLo Yoplait

Jennifer Lopez and Yoplait Make It Easy to Support Local Feeding America Member Food Banks

Through the Lids to Feed America program Yoplait will donate up to $600,000.

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Dairy Farmers of America & Their Cows Are “Zoom-Bombing” Classrooms

They are giving a whole new meaning to show-and-tell.

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Else Plant Based Nutrition

This Plant-Based Baby Nutrition Alternative Is Available for Pre-Order

This is perfect for your lactose intolerant little ones.

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Best Foods to Eat (and Avoid) while Breastfeeding

Busting myths about food and what you should really eat while breastfeeding.

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Starbucks Non-Dairy Creamer

Starbucks Launches New Line of Non-Dairy Creamers

Use these creamers to recreate your favorite handcrafted beverages.

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Target Cart

Fresh Grocery Pickup Is Rolling Out at Target Stores Nationwide

Target’s Drive Up service is completely contactless.

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You Don’t Need a Golden Ticket to Try This New Chocolate Cereal

It’s not just any day a new healthy chocolate cereal hits the shelves, at least according to Three Wishes co-founder, Ian Wishingrad. To celebrate the launch of the brand new cocoa flavor, he sought out to make the announcement in…

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Skip the Grocery Store: LA Restaurants Delivering Produce, Pasta, Eggs & More

Your favorite restaurant is about to become your favorite farmers market.

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family playing together

Dairy Queen Offers Free Play at Home Kits for Families

This downloadable kit of family-friendly activities is great for keeping kids entertained.

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Cinderella's Castle Disney

Disney to Donate Excess Food After Coronavirus Closures

Dairy, fruit, vegetables, packaged goods and unserved banquet meals will be donated to a local food bank.

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Spotted: Dairy Queen Cotton Candy Dipped Ice Cream Cones!

Does your local DQ already have the sweet treat?

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Ben & Jerry’s Launches New Sunflower Butter-Based Flavors

These chilly treats are non-dairy delights!

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Pop-Tarts Are Now in the Freezer Section, Courtesy of Good Humor

Now you can eat an ice creamy version of cinnamon Pop-Tarts!

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Netflix & Chilll’d Is Ben & Jerry’s New Binge-Worthy Flavor

Netflix and Ben & Jerry’s are the perfect pairing!

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Starbucks Mermaid Tumbler Is Fit for an Under Sea Princess

If you have a young mermaid fan, you might want to get two of these.

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