Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt

Nick Carter & Wife Lauren Announce Birth of Their Third Child!

The Backstreet Boy and his wife welcomed baby number three.

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What I Learned about Opening Up after My Son’s ASD Diagnosis

“I told myself over and over again that just because he now had the diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder nothing changed. He was still the exact same amazing little boy that he was seconds before the doctor had said the words out loud.”

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Tiny Birth Stories

Here are five birth stories that will have you laughing, crying and nodding your head in solidarity. 

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10 Dirty Truths For New And Expectant Parents

Photo: Ruthi Davis Photography
Dear Confessional,
What’s grosser than gross? Gross: Cleaning a dirty diaper of brown slime that managed to slide up and all around your sweet baby’s back and stomach, and all over the changing table. Grosser: Once you finally…

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There’s No Trophy for Moms & This Viral Post Proves It

Stop everything and read this important reminder for all moms.

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Incredible Labor & Birth Stories Every Mom Understands

When it comes to giving birth, one thing all moms can agree on is that it’s a life-altering experience like none other.

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Kate Hudson Dishes about Rani Rose’s Birth Story & Her VERY Nosy Mom

Did Goldie Hawn get too close when daughter Kate Hudson gave birth?

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Did Khloe Kardashian Give Birth Yet? Fans Are Abuzz at the Possibility

It seems like congrats might be in order as the world welcomes its littlest, newest Kardashian!

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Maternity Planning Timeline: Week-by-Week Guide to What to Do and When

Relax, mama! This week-by-week timeline will help you stay on track during your pregnancy.

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Kristen Bell’s Pregnancy Photos Are Legit Delivery Room #Goals

All moms can relate to mesh panties and this throwback post.

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Why You Need to Stop Asking If My Daughters Are Sisters

“Are they sisters?”

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That question comes up more often than you’d think for adoptive parents, especially when the family has two dads like ours.
It’s almost like people feel the license to ask probing questions…

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Mom In Labor Shares Photo to Show Dads Go Through Some ‘Stuff’ In the Delivery Room Too

Childbirth is a beautiful experience for everyone involved, but it can also be a bit. . . traumatizing (for some).
New mom Alisha Baxter, from Australia, posted a photo of her husband Jive to the Today Facebook page that pretty…

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Listen to Spotify’s Perfect “Push Playlist”

Listening to music while delivering a baby is not uncommon. Heck, Ryan Reynolds played Let’s Get It On by Marvin Gaye while Blake Lively, his wife, was in labor. While it wasn’t Blake’s ideal choice at that moment, in general,…

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Postpartum Perks: Surprising Ways Hospitals Are Pampering New Moms

Wondering what your hospital stay will be like after delivery? If you’re lucky, your hospital might have one of these eight amazing perks from fancy dinners to in-room massages.

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The Newest Shop & Story Time Spot

The stork has dropped an especially pretty bundle in town. Get ready to shower your affection on Monica + Andy, the new infant and toddler shop that has clothes, kids’ classes, a milk and cookie bar, and more.

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