The Unexpected Bonus of How Piano Lessons Helped Me Bond with My Kids

Photo: DSLRLover via Pixabay
Who knew piano lessons could help me bond with my children and prevent dementia at the same time?!?
When I signed my girls up for piano lessons last year, I had no idea what I was…

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Should Grandparents Babysit the Kids? Here’s What You Should Consider First

These are the factors you should consider before you ask the grandparents to babysit.

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These NFL Players Say Tackle Football Isn’t Safe for Kids & the Youth Sport Should End

Here’s why you should think twice about letting your young child play contact sports.

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Here’s One More Reason You Should Eat Chocolate Every Day

Eating your favorite chocolaty treat may help your brain stay young.

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Umbilical Cord Blood Could Restore Memory Loss, According To Scientists

New research shows umbilical cord blood could help memory loss.

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The Scientific Explanation For Why You Mix Up Your Kids’ Names

photo: Christine Schirtzinger
How many times have you opened your mouth to call your son, only to find his sister’s name coming out? You might even cycle through your spouse’s name and all your pets before you finally get the…

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