This Is the Average Allowance by Age, According to Greenlight

In-between the new hobbies and learned skills, 2020 has found kids completing chores, saving money and giving back to their community, according to Greenlight. Read on to discover the details fo their just-released 2020 Year in Review,

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5 Clean Products to Use During Pregnancy, Breastfeeding & Beyond

It took a little of combing through the shelves at Target and some trial and error to find things that were both clean AND effective but once I found these five staples, I have never gone back to my old stuff.

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5 Ways to Protect Your Pregnancy during the Pandemic

“Knowing you’re creating the safest, happiest, and healthiest environment for yourself and your baby will provide some comfort and peace of mind during this uncertain time in history.”

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Being a Wife & a Mom Can Be Enough because WE Are Enough

Photo: Zahed Ahmad
Someone says, “Tell me a little bit about yourself.” I cringe. I get nervous. I pause to collect my thoughts but on the inside I’ve already asked myself 100 questions.
Who am I? What are my interests?…

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When Puberty Strikes at a Young Age

Amid my internal freak out session about my 7-year-old stepping into the first signs of puberty, I stopped myself. I didn’t want the words coming out of my mouth to be from somebody else. I wanted to explain to her, what was happening, in the best way.

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Public Goods Will Be Your New Fave Brand for Everyday Items & We Are Obsessed

It’s like if Trader Joe’s, Costco and Brandless all had a baby.

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This Teen Just Got Her Beauty Brand into Target (& It’s Vegan!)

This teen just rocked the beauty world and we are loving it (and so is Target!).

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10 Smart Mama Tips to Save on Grocery Shopping

Here’s how to save some extra money at the grocery store.

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purse must haves

12 Items for Under $5 Every Mom Needs in Her Purse

Make sure your purse is stocked with these travel-size items that pack a big punch.

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You Deserve a Break! Plan a Mom’s Night In

Hey Girl!

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Let me just dive right in and get real candid here for a minute.  There are literally days when I have to ask myself if I brushed my teeth or put deodorant on!  …

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This Best-Selling Puberty Book Is Getting a New Boys Version

American Girl has just released the male counterpart to its best-selling puberty book for girls.

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5 (Totally Busted) Mom Myths

Photo: Shelby Deeter
We all do it—tell and retell certain stories regardless of their validity until we accept it as truth. Anecdotes that we think are useful, helpful, and necessary to pass along, which we do until we believe not…

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Now Shipping!: Care Packages for New Moms

Just in time for Mother’s Day — a different kind of special delivery just for her!

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Your Kid Ate What?!

Kids eat bizarre, jaw dropping things. I should know. I once walked out of the bathroom to find a giant, raw pork chop hanging out of my tiny toddler’s mouth! Check out some of these unconventional munchies that kids have…

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8 Hacks Every Mom Needs To Know Using . . . Mouthwash?!

Photo: Pixabay
You probably already know how useful that Listerine can be for keeping your pearly whites clean and stink-free, especially on those mombie mornings when even brushing your teeth seems like an impossible task. Just a quick swish, and…

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What Ten Years as a Mom Has Taught Me

Photo: Liz Petrone
I gave the baby a bath last night–long after he was due for one–and only because he was covered in what I am telling myself was chocolate but may actually have been poop. I was tired, and for…

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Hey New Moms: Signs Your #MomLife Has Officially Commenced

Photo: Layla Zarakia
It is no longer a shock to find a small section of your hair is somewhat crusty from some unknown baby substance. No biggie though… just run a baby wipe through it, that will clean it right…

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Awesome Natural Products I Found For Me While Trying To Be Healthier For My Kid

Ever since becoming a mom, I have made a concerted effort to use products on myself, my son and at home, with ingredients that are more natural.  But I have to say, it is hard.  Especially to find products that…

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This High School’s Creative Solution for Kids in Need

Being a teenager already has it’s ups and downs, but the stress of not having access everyday essentials can make things intolerable.
At Washington High School in Washington, North Carolina, staff came up with a creative solution to their poorest…

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Happy Mom Tip #47: Stick With Your Routine

As a life coach, I’m a huge proponent of personal growth, and growth usually means change. Becoming happier often means re-engineering a bad habit, or starting a healthy new routine (like exercise or meditation). But sometimes the best thing that…

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TaskRabbit Launching In L.A. and Orange County

As every parent knows, if there were 36 hours in every day, everything still wouldn’t get done. You’ve heard it before: when you’re slammed, it’s time to delegate. But if those around you are kids, you can’t exactly hand them…

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Task Rabbit in the Bay Area

As every parent knows, if there were 36 hours in every day, everything still wouldn’t get done. You’ve heard it before: when you’re slammed, it’s time to delegate. But if those around you are wee ones, you can’t exactly hand…

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