Kids Need Camp More Than Ever

“But it’s harder than ever for some families to pay for summer camp with unemployment and more limited funds or access to disposable income. Here are 8 ways you can provide summer camp with less financial stress.”

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What You Need to Know Before You File Your 2019 Tax Return

Parents know that few things in this world are certain, except for potty training and taxes.

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6 Must-Know Savings Tips for Parents

As a parent, it’s crucial to find time to think about your financial future and what can be done to make sure that your child will have their own financial security.

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Here’s What Clinton and Trump’s Child Care Plans Mean for Parents

Photo: tylerhoff via Flickr Creative Commons
The election is (finally) just a few days away, and both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have pledged to revolutionize American child care if elected president. Given that child care in America often costs …

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