A Chicago Designer Throws a Dapper First Birthday Party

There’s an art to putting together a kiddie birthday party. Just ask Chicago designer Vana Chupp. As owner of Le Papier Studio, Vana illustrates custom silhouettes of children, parents and pets and transfers them to everything from stationery to dinner…

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A Seoul-ful Dr. Seuss Birthday Party

Our kiddo’s first birthday is one that they’ll, scratch that, we’ll always remember. While our little birthday boy or girl probably won’t recall the cake flavor, who showed up, or the color of the party decorations, at least we’ll have…

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The Best Seat in the House to See Christmas Ships

Sure you could pile the kids in the car and drive around various neighborhoods at 5mph trying to catch all the brightest holiday lights in town, or you could let the lights come to you while you enjoy them from…

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