The Scoop on Summer Camps in Atlanta, Now

Whether it’s science or nature, art or athletics, camps are a favorite part of every kid’s summer. Here’s the current scoop on your favorite camps so you can get planning.

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When It Comes to Your Kid, Respect Can’t Be a One-Way Street

Can you be both your child’s parent and friend?

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working moms

8 Powerful Reasons Why Working Moms Rock

We’re not trying to be Super Woman—but we are pulling double duty to provide for and take care of our families.

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Reach for New Heights at These 5 Indoor Climbing Gyms

If your kids are literally climbing the walls, take them to one of these indoor rock climbing gyms where they can expunge their energy and reach new heights—no experience necessary!

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Risk Taking v. Recklessness: How to Teach Children to Know the Difference

The thought of teaching children to be risk takers flies in the face of our fierce love as parents and care givers to keep them safe. My children are now adults, yet to this day, I want to wrap them…

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14 Must-Do End of Summer Activities

Take advantage of the last days of summer with these great ideas.

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6 Birthday Party Programs for All Abilities

From gym time to pony rides, here are fantastic ideas for birthday parties for kids with special needs.

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