What Parents Need to Know about Nutrition & the First 1,000 Days

Here’s what you need to do to make sure your kids are getting the proper nutrients they need during those first crucial years.

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Coding Resources & Challenges for Kids

There are many free or low cost coding programs available to teach kids this skill.

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New Research Shows What Baby’s Coos & Cries Say About Language

The study helps to explain infant language development.

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15 Things Every Daughter Needs to Hear from Her Dad

What we dads do with our daughters is important, of course, but what’s just as important is what we say to them.

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How to Encourage Physical, Emotional & Intellectual Development in Kids

If you want your children to excel in all walks of life, it is important to understand how they develop.

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How to Use Social Media Without Judging Yourself—or Your Kids

Photo: Christina Furnival via Real Life Mama
Who uses social media? 
*Counts sea of hands* 

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Do you ever notice how social media can mess with our understanding of our individual children’s developmental paths? We often…

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CucinaPro Unicorn Pancake

Add Some Sparkle to Your Day With Unicorn Pancakes

CucinaPro’s new pan cooks seven pancakes with unique magical designs

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Now You Can Get an IRL Optimus Prime Robot

This Transformers robot is a high-tech dream.

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Dunkin’ & Girl Scout Cookies Have Teamed Up for a Delish, Drinkable Collab

Get your fave Girl Scout Cookie flavors in a Dunkin’ iced coffee.

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4 Ways to Turn Your House into Your Kid’s Dream Home

“From building a treehouse to indoor rock climbing, here are some amazing DIY ideas for making your home the most magical place for your kids to grow up happy.”

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The “Rugrats” Are Back with an All-Star Cast of Famous Voices

The ’90s fave is back on the small screen with a cast of iconic voices.

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New TikTalk App Puts Speech Therapy At Your Fingertips

TikTalk is a speech therapy app for children to use at-home.

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An Usual Milestone That Means the World to Me

“I’ve spoken with many other parents about how much my kids understanding of this one word means to me, and I’ve received many strange looks in response.”

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Peppa Pig Is Coming to LEGOLAND in 2022!

Now you don’t have to travel to Europe to see Peppa.

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baby playing with toys

Creative Growth & Development Activities You Can Do at Home

“With the right toys and activities, parents can foster creative growth and development at home, long before the age of one.”

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Get Up & Go! The Best Baby Walking Shoes

Your child will put one foot in front of the other with these cool shoes designed for new walkers.

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9 Top Apps to Track Baby’s Naps, Feedings, Health History & More

Need help remembering every feeding, nap and your child’s medical history? There are lots of baby tracking apps to help you keep track of every daily activity, milestone and health data.

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These Are the Questions to Ask Your Pediatrician on Your Newborn’s First Visit

Not sure what to ask the doctor at your newborn’s first visit? With this list, now you do!

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These Are the Days Pregnancy Sickness Is Likely to Start, New Study Reveals

What if you knew when you might get those tell-tale symptoms? This study shows how doctors may be able to narrow it down, to a three-day window!

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6 Reasons Why January Babies Are Awesome (According to Studies)

According to studies, they are not only likely to be health professionals, but many of them also have good attitudes as well.

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One Cool Thing: Gerber’s New Subscription Service

Gerber’s brand-new subscription service ships stage-based foods, carefully selected based on your baby’s developmental age, straight to your door.

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Tummy Time Hacks by a Pediatric Physical Therapist

As a pediatric physical therapist and mom of two, not only have I been there, done that, but it’s actually my job to help parents and babies become tummy time masters!

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Kit Kat Flavor Club

Kit Kat Flavor Club Gives Fans the Chance to Taste New Flavor Innovations

It will consist of three one-of-a-kind deliveries over the year.

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Can a Holistic Approach to Education Help Your Child Learn Better?

Photo: Conger Design via pixabay
Few things are as frustrating as watching your child struggle his or her way through school. They’re putting in the time and the effort — even with your help — yet they’re still not performing…

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The One Thing All Babies Grow & Benefit from (& It’s Free!)

Doing this one thing will greatly improve your baby’s synaptic development, will challenge their senses, and increase their strength and balance—just to name a few!

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My First Model Y

Radio Flyer Partners with Tesla to Launch My First Model Y Children’s Ride-On

The car is designed for kids ages one and a half to four years old.

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Dunkin' Cereal

Post & Dunkin’ Team Up for Two New Cereal Flavors

Two new Post cereals are hitting shelves in a tribute to two fan favorite flavors.

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Nickelodeon logo

Nickelodeon Announces Major Collab with James Corden

They are being developed to air on all Nickelodeon platforms.

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Why Kids Need to Practice Fundamental Movement

“Success with fundamental movements directly contributes to the well-being of the whole child.”

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