New & Notable Store-Bought Meals, Beverages & Snacks for Babies & Toddlers

From plant-based to purees and back again, these are the best new snacks for babies and toddlers your money can buy.

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The Best Baby Plates, Cups, Bowls & Utensils of 2021

Baby spoons, spill-proof cups and silicone plates that actually stick!

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Help Is on the Way: Online & App Resources for Expectant & New Parents

Get answers to your pregnancy and baby questions without having to leave your home.

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How to Encourage Physical, Emotional & Intellectual Development in Kids

If you want your children to excel in all walks of life, it is important to understand how they develop.

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5 Top Subscription Toy Boxes for Young Kids

Make learning fun for your kids and toy-buying easy for you with these baby toy subscription boxes that deliver educational fun right to your door.

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9 Top Apps to Track Baby’s Naps, Feedings, Health History & More

Need help remembering every feeding, nap and your child’s medical history? There are lots of baby tracking apps to help you keep track of every daily activity, milestone and health data.

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The Best Apps to Help You Stay Organized at Home

Whether you are navigating the trials and tribulations of a certain pandemic or simply trying to stay on top of a busy school and work week, staying organized can make the difference between enjoying the weather or spiraling into chaos.

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13 Startups That Are Making Parenting Life Easier

Taking care of kids is no easy feat. That’s why we appreciate any company that creates a shortcut or finds a way to ease the daily grind.

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19 Essential Apps for Parents

From sound machines that’ll help you get a few more moments of sleep to tracking apps that’ll help you log everything from feedings to milestones, these are the apps every parent needs.

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Newborn Must-Haves You’ll Need in the First Weeks

Stock up on these basics before your baby arrives and you’ll be covered for the first few weeks.

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10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Because the world is more digital than ever.

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5 Pregnancy Apps Every Dad-to-Be Should Be Using

Pregnancy and parenthood is a shared responsibility—and seeking out knowledge via apps for expectant dads can help you prepare for your share of the responsibilities.

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Dear Toddler, I Love You, But You Need To Chill

Hello My Little Sweet Potato,

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We need to talk.
I know you’re going through some very important developmental milestones, but I have some concerns about your behavior, that I feel we should address.
Last night…

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One Cool Thing: Tinyhood App & Website for Baby Advice

Momming 101: Get expert answers to all your questions about self care, baby sleep, breastfeeding and more with the Tinyhood app and website.

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My Kid Won’t Remember This Trip—But She’s Coming with Us Anyway

“Why hold your baby? Why take them to the park? They won’t remember those moments, either.”

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Easy Tips to Transition Your Kid’s Room: Baby to Toddler

We’ve got the nursery upgrades you need.

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Focus During Play Time? Yup, Your Kids Need This Skill, Too

Most children see play time as the best part of their day—here’s how to get them to focus on the fun.

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5 Baby Milestones That Will Totally Change Your Life as a Parent

As new parents we live for the developmental milestones of our babies. Smiling at six weeks, starting solids at six months, potty training… and on and on. Our excitement even starts while baby is still in the womb: “Look honey,…

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Is Your Baby Getting Enough Breast Milk or Formula?

Need help with formula feeding or breastfeeding? New parents can get valuable (and free) advice from Happy Family’s Infant Feeding Support Center.

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The Moment I Learned That a Mom’s Greatest Help Is Her Own Mom

Moms don’t just raise babies. They help raise new moms.

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Why I Want My Child to Be Average

I think we’re too quick to attach a negative meaning to the word “average.” We assume that to be average is to live a substandard life in some way when that’s not the case at all.

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Why American Parents Might Be Missing Some Milestones That Really Matter

photo: ThomasLife via Flickr
The maxed-out storage space on your iPhone is proof that parents love to document every amazing milestone, from first steps to first words (not to mention the first time your toddler empties a plate full of …

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Now Hear This: Music Classes for Your Wee One

If your little star likes to sound off, tune into one of these Atlanta-area music classes so your babe doesn’t miss a beat. They’ll pump up your peanut’s playlist for a song and foster a lifelong love of music.

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Ready for School with Bright Horizons: Program for Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten

Preschool and pre-kindergarten children are ready to fly. At this age, they are eager to investigate the workings of their expanding world and experiment with their emerging sense of skills mastery. It is a time of enormous strides—when communication and…

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giggleDEALS: Developmental Delights from Chicco Toys – 40% Off

Designed to promote creativity and inspire learning, Chicco Toys are always innovative and — best of all — always fun! Plus, all toys are created with your little one’s developmental milestones in mind, making them perfect for anyone looking to…

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