Teething Pain? We Love This Plant-Powered (& Travel-Friendly) Solution

Finally, we can start traveling again! If you have a baby, you know how much gear you need to make your trip as smooth as possible—if you have a teething baby, you have an extra challenge. Well—challenge accepted because we…

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Parenting Wisdom from the Most Unlikely Place

This “aha” parenting tip was literally right in front of me—the tag hanging from my cup of tea.

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Recall Alert: Select Vitafusion Gummy Vitamins Recalled Due to Foreign Matter

Check your kids’ vitamins for these recalled gummies.

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These Moms Share How They’re Surviving Teething

No matter what you do, teething will happen. Here’s how to handle it, from the experts: moms who have been there!

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Teething Is Hard but This Solution Is Easy

These individually pre-measured drops are portable, natural, trusted & worry-free for babies one-month-old and up.

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The Truth about Teething & Night Disruptions Surprises Most Parents

As a sleep consultant I still have to overcome hurdles. I don’t want you to think my “sleep” life is perfect or that I never hit “bumps in the road” because guess what… I do!

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Just Opened: Body Worlds: Pulse

If your inquisitive tot has ever asked you what his brain looks like, or your active adventurer has ever wondered how her muscles work, you’re going to want to take them to the new Body Worlds: Pulse exhibit at the…

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Pregnancy and the Horse Latitudes: When the Final Weeks Feel Endless

Photo: Lauren Wellbank
Have you ever heard the phrase horse latitudes before?  If you haven’t, don’t worry, it’s an outdated term with several different interpretations that the average person would have no call to know. The origins of the saying…

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Refresh Yourselves at Make-Your-Own Juice Spot MiMo Blend

Taste the rainbow — and lots more — at this sweet & healthy DIY shop!

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