I Didn’t See My Son’s Disability Until He Was 15

“After I finally saw him and his invisible disability, I was crushed with guilt. How could I, as his loving mother, not see what was there before my eyes? Not seeing him kept me from giving the support he truly needed.”

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I Started a Business for My Son with Autism during the Pandemic

A sweet, new beginning for both a mom and her son with special needs.

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Study Shows This Pet Companion Can Reduce Anxiety in Kids with Autism

Adopting a feline companion can have great benefits.

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I Have a Child with Special Needs But Sometimes, His Siblings Need Me More

Confession: I am not an expert on all things parenting—yet I am proud in my imperfections. My world forever changed in 2005 when, at the age of 18, I gave birth of my firstborn son. Fast-forward to now and I’m…

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11 Great Toys That Celebrate Disabilities

Toy companies from American Girl to LEGO have diversified their lines to be inclusive and here are a few of our favorites.

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Why Being the Mother of a Son with Down Syndrome Became a Blessing

“Because of Josh, I learned to love with a vulnerability I never knew existed in me. I learned to focus on ability instead of labeling anything a disability.”

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5 Tips for When You Are a Parent and a Caregiver

Finding balance as a parent and a caregiver can be difficult, but it is possible. These tips will help you get into a rhythm that works for your family.

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The Truth Behind Neuropsychological Testing

Has your child been referred for a neuropsychological evaluation? If so, Dr. Kimberly Berens wants you to read this first.

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Why Is This Mom Wearing a Sunflower Lanyard?

This is more than just a fashion statement.

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What Happens When You Learn Your Child Has Special Needs

The stages of grief are normal when you learn your child has special needs. Here’s what you’ll need to support yourself and your family as you navigate the world with a child that has a disability.

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4 Tips to Help Welcome Peers with Disabilities

A few of my top tips to welcoming others who may be differently abled into your home.

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When Bright Children Struggle to Learn: How to Build Confidence & Joy

There are many students in classrooms across America—bright, yet with learning differences, who struggle to learn.

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When Teens Struggle to Learn: Bright Tips for Parents

“Confidence and joy are to a young person’s positive development as air is to life. This is particularly true for teens with learning differences.”

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Barbie Is All-In for Inclusivity with Huge New Updates to Fashionistas Doll Line

These new additions are going to make this iconic doll more inclusive.

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Southwest Airlines: Please Leave Your Emotional Support Hamsters at Home

Southwest Airlines has made big changes to its emotional support animal policy.

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When Other Parents Toss Invisible Grenades at You

Parents, check yourselves for invisible grenades.
As the mom of a child with dyslexia, I find myself dodging thoughtless, verbal grenades from people who don’t have a clue.
My son is as bright and hardworking as they come. But he…

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June Activities for the Whole Family

Dragon boat races and so much more. Here’s where to catch our top picks for June.

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5 Simple Ways to Help Your Child Develop Empathy

Considering the political climate of our country (and of the world), it is more important than ever to genuinely take into consideration the feelings of others. Essentially, we all need a healthy dose of empathy. Empathy is the ability to…

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This Mom Needed Support—Not Mocking—in Viral Video of 8-Hour Toddler Tantrum

The man who filmed this is clearly NOT a parent—and worse, did nothing to help.

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Red Tricycle Is Hiring a Controller (WFH)


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Red Tricycle is looking for a Controller, either FT or PT (25 hours per week) to manage all aspects of our accounting and finance. You are a seasoned accountant with a track record of…

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This Mom Helped Her Son with Autism Turn a Dream Into a Business

When school and specialized services ended, this mom helped her son live out his ultimate dream.

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Social Media and Kids: Not All Bad News

A recent study outlined some of the positive outcomes social media can have on kids.

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Target’s New Ad Is All-Body Positive

Target’s new ad is showing the world that athletes come in all shapes and sizes.

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The Top Page-Turners from BookExpo 2017

These are the new titles you’ll want to add to the family library.

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5 Parents Who Have Mastered the Art of Parenting

You signed up for the hardest job on the planet when you became a parent. Some days, the task might seem insurmountable, but you can take some encouragement from the following parents who have mastered the art of parenting.

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Inside Children’s Healing Art Project (CHAP) with the Totally Awesome Awards 2016

Children’s Healing Art Project just won a Totally Awesome Award for Brightest Class for Kids with Special Needs in Portland. We recently spoke to them about their experience as a business owner, the best advice they’ve ever received and more.…

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3 Things We Can Do to Care For Kids with Special Needs

Photo: Mallory Harris
As the parent of a special needs child, it is a nightmare to know that someone can hurt an innocent child or adult who has no cognitive understanding of hate. Over 14% of school aged children are…

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The Hidden Face of Autism

Photo: Carolin D. palmer
I have a 6-year-old daughter that was diagnosed with autism a few years ago. Jordan is a beautiful and brilliant child with so many wonderful qualities. It was shortly after coming into our family at 19-months-old…

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Let’s Be Careful With Our “Dear Mom Who…” Posts

Photo: Lauren Casper
I saw another one this morning. I was scrolling Facebook with my morning coffee when a post from a page I follow caught my eye. It started out the way so many of them do… “Dear Helicopter…

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How We Accidentally Helped Our Toddler Reach a Milestone

We purchased a red tricycle for my toddler this past weekend. I was especially excited about the first purchase because my older daughter with special needs missed that milestone. She missed a number of milestones because of her…

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Saving the World, One Cape at a Time

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. It’s TinySuperheroes, a company that creates capes for kids overcoming sickness and disability.

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