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5 Things Organized People Always Do (& 5 Things They Don’t)

Back to school is the perfect time to get your house organized once and for all—here are five tips and tricks that will help turn your home into the clutter-free sanctuary you’ve always dreamed it could be.

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10 Creative Games You Can Create with LEGO Bricks

Who needs board games when you’ve got a tub of LEGO bricks and an open afternoon?

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Elliot: The Littlest Reindeer

Crackle to Premiere “Elliot the Littlest Reindeer”

We can’t wait to watch all of the holiday specials this year. Crackle Plus, a Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment company and one of the largest operators of streaming advertising-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) networks announced today that the animated feature…

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How to Teach Children the Power of Giving & Empathy through Charity

“Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” —Mother Teresa

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2020’s Best Beach Towns to Live in According to WalletHub

WalletHub determined the most livable beach side communities.

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These Are 2019’s Safest Cities in America

WalletHub has released the findings of this large study––where does your city land on the list?

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Preparing Your Kids for Emergencies

Practicing disaster preparation with your kids helps build the skills and muscle memory that’s necessary to best adapt to emergency situations, whether it’s a fire, earthquake, flood or worse.

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How to Prepare Your Kids for Natural Disasters

We know that preparing for disasters is daunting. On top of everything else to do and worry about as a parent, sometimes, the last thing you want to do is prepare, but knowledge is power and helps teach resilience—key skills kids need today.

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The Titanic Will Set Sail Once Again & Our Hearts Will Go On

You can sail the ship’s original path—minus that whole iceberg collision and subsequent disaster.

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These Toddler-Proofing Bathroom Hacks Are How This Mom Stays Sane

These toddler-proofing bathroom hacks are simply genius.

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11 Grocery Stores That Are Open on Thanksgiving (& 1 That Will Deliver to You)

Which grocery stores are open on Thanksgiving? Here’s your Turkey Day cheat sheet.

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Was There a Baby Boom After Hurricane Harvey?

It seems the tragedy might have a silver lining.

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How Families Can Help Puerto Rico as Hurricane Season Starts

Hurricane season officially started June 1, and the still-rebuilding island may be in the path of danger yet again.

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Pics of Justin Trudeau’s Son in India Are Every Parent Traveling with Kids Ever

Even the Prime Minister of Canada knows the pains of trying to get a toddler to just stand still already.

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The Holderness Family Is Back With Hilarious Ed Sheeran Parody

This latest Holderness Family mash-up is spot on!

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Funny parenting tweets

Funniest Parenting Tweets of the Week: January 26, 2018

Twitter moms and dads have been putting their 280 characters to good use this week.

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How Eating at Your Family’s Favorite Restaurants Can Help Puerto Rico

You can help the victims of Hurricane Maria by dining out on October 13.

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IKEA’s New Ads Shine a Light on Single Parents in the Most Real Way Possible

This latest IKEA campaign skips the hype in favor of entirely relatable reality.

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Kids in This Houston Hurricane Shelter Are Getting a Treat From Spider-Man!

This fictional hero was able to bring a tiny bit of joy to the children who were taking shelter from the storm.

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My Stress-Free Tips for Hosting a Stress-Free Kids Party (It’s Possible!)

With three kids between the ages of 5 and 13 years, I’ve attended an endless array of kids’ birthday parties. The mom-pressure to host the most extravagant party for your child is overwhelming. What’s with all the bells and whistles?…

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Here’s How You Can Help Hurricane Harvey Victims

Relief and recovery efforts are already underway, and here’s what you can do to help out those in need.

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I Always Pack Too Much (& Other Things I’ve Learned on Family Vacation)

We’ve gone many places in the last few years, with and without the kids. Here’s a run down of some of the things I’ve learned when we drag the kids along with us.

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Mila Kunis Shares Her Own ‘Bad Moms’ Christmas Moment

Christmas fails happen to everyone, even celebrity parents.

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Eat Your Weeds: Urban Foraging for Families

Go wild, eat wild! Kids learn about urban wilderness foraging at these two cool schools.

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“I’m Bored!” and Other Opportunities

Photo: Christina Fletcher
My boy isn’t impressed when I express pride every time he announces “I’m bored.” At seven years old he’s reached a new plateau and its one that has him slightly confused. When he was a baby, signs…

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Forget Perfection: Why It’s Important For Parents To Laugh At Themselves

Photo: Ramirez: “Can I have this soda?”
We are not called to be perfect parents.
I can’t remember who started it or when, but my sisters and I give each other Bad Parent Points (BPP).  It’s a non-judgmental way to…

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Should you talk to your kids about what’s going on in the news?

Photo: Andrew Seaman via Flickr
Sometimes, life is changing so quickly the adults forget that the kids are still in the room. Kids can really suffer from anxiety and worry if they focus too much on the news, political changes,…

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8 Hacks Every Mom Needs To Know Using . . . Mouthwash?!

Photo: Pixabay
You probably already know how useful that Listerine can be for keeping your pearly whites clean and stink-free, especially on those mombie mornings when even brushing your teeth seems like an impossible task. Just a quick swish, and…

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April 2015: The Month Breast Cancer Changed My Life

You spend your twenties, and every year before that, believing that you are invincible. That is until the year one of your best guy friends gets struck and killed by a drunk driver crossing the street and your friend loses his…

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Seven Reasons Why I Will Appreciate my Kids This Year, Despite the Memes

Photo: Phoebe Farag Mikhail
It was a friend’s comment on a fairly innocuous Facebook post that stopped me in my tracks. I had shared one of the many humorous cartoons and memes depicting the challenges of parenthood. A friend who…

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Mama Needs Friends

Friendship, the key to having a happy life. Roll your eyes. I know, I know. In all honesty, I can truly say a mama really does need her friends. Seems simple. You meet people you like and you stay friends?…

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