Demystifying Endometriosis

Dr. Lindemann explains what endometriosis is and whether or not you can still get pregnant if you suffer from this painful disease.

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Helping Kids & Teens Understand Alzheimer’s Disease

“How you can help your kids better understand Alzheimer’s and how the disease will change their relationship with the affected relative.”

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woman and man holding hands wedding bands

First Came Love, Marriage & Then a Transplant

“My husband was about to sacrifice his life and it was all for me. That is the kind of love that every girl dreams of, but just not quite like this.”

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6 Reasons Why January Babies Are Awesome (According to Studies)

According to studies, they are not only likely to be health professionals, but many of them also have good attitudes as well.

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Study Shows Number of Times a Person Gives Birth May Affect Aging

These effects were found only after a person had gone through menopause.

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Doc McStuffins

“Doc McStuffins” Special Highlighting Healthy Habits to Air on Disney Junior

A new “Wash Your Hands” singing doll was added to the retail line.

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Why People Born in November Are the Happiest (According to Studies)

November babies are a rare breed indeed. Find out what unique qualities your kiddo might have if she was born in the 11th month.

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Who Would Spend Thousands on a Pet?

Photo: Syda Productions
Me, for one. And quite a few other people I know. None of us is wealthy, but still we have laid out what some would consider extreme – even obscene – amounts on our pets.
First, let…

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How I Told My Kids I Was Diagnosed with Cancer

“As a two-time cancer survivor, wife, and mom of three children, here are some of my thoughts about ‘telling the kids’ based on my experiences.”

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Why Kids Born in October Are Healthier (According to Studies)

People born in the 10th month of the year have all sorts of interesting traits.

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Disney+ Original “Clouds” to Premiere in October

The movie is inspired by the true story of Zach Sobiech.

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Still Confused about Which Face Mask to Buy? Read This

“Wearing masks can help reduce the possibility that someone with no symptoms could transmit the disease to others. So which one is right for you? We’ve got the answer.”

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What You Need to Know to Keep Your Child’s Health on Track

Remember when your biggest worry about taking them to the doctor was whether or not they’d throw a fit over getting a lollipop flavor they didn’t like?

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Can Wearing a Mask Empower Your Child?

“Children love feeling that they are part of a solution; it appeals to their natural instincts for optimism and altruism while helping to reduce their anxiety.”

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Dear Teachers, I See You

“For my friends, as they set sail in uncharted waters; wherever they may lead.”

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Face masks

Old Navy Is Selling Reusable Cloth Masks for the Whole Family

The reusable cloth masks will come in packs of five.

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Ethan LyBrand and family

Fifth Grader with Muscular Dystrophy Spreads Joy Through Jokes

Ethan has a secret to making other people smile.

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Raising Kids in a World Full of Spiteful Contempt

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about hate.
I assure you every fiber of my being loves raising my kids. But, certain aspects related to parenting deplete rather than bloat the love tank.

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Boy washing hands at sink

Sing These Songs While Washing Your Hands

The CDC recommends washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds.

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TikTok Handwashing Challenge

This New TikTok Challenge May Help Your Kids Stay Healthy

The viral dance teaches the proper handwashing technique.

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Sick Day

What Parents Need to Know about the Coronavirus

With over 100,000 confirmed cases globally, what does that mean for you and your family?

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The History Behind Handwashing

“We may take handwashing for granted but that wasn’t always the case—we have Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis to thank for that!”

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Celiac Disease in Kids: You’ve Got Questions, We Have the Answers

Curious about Celiac Disease? Hear from Dr. Nasha Khavari, a pediatric gastroenterologist in Palo Alto, California and who is affiliated with Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford.

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Doctors May Have a Way to Predict a Woman’s Risk for Gestational Diabetes, According to a New Study

An algorithm may help doctors to accurately predict a mama-to-be’s risk.

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This 13-Year-Old’s Invention Helps Kids to Feel Better about IVs

Ella Casano’s Medi Teddy bags take come of the fear out of IVs.

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This 11-Year-Old Just Designed a T-Shirt for Target & Here’s Why

Hallie is a more than a designer, she’s a true hero.

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This State Is the First to Require Insurance Companies to Cover EpiPens for Kids

Will more states follow in making this life-saving tool accessible to kids?

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