6 Great Tips to Help Your Child Navigate Clashes at School

Instead of rushing in to immediately fix the problem, there are ways you can help empower your child to navigate complicated relationships on their own.

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Answering the 5 Most Common Questions about C-Sections

“It’s important to ensure that you and your doctor are aligned on your goals and wishes for delivery.”

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When Your Child Elopes

“Despite all the precautions, in one second, in the blink of an eye, my greatest fear could come true.”

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Let Your Kids Be Bored to Expand Their Imaginations

“Helping a child tune-in to what exactly their brains and bodies are seeking can help them learn to meet their own needs. This is a vital and empowering lesson kids can learn at this early age.”

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tree climbing

Why I Parent from a Place of Love & Not Fear

“Losing my last born son has not made me coddle my remaining two children. Surprisingly, it has given me more confidence as a mother. I know what it’s like to lose a child, and I no longer fear death.”

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Babies Who Do This Grow Up to Be More Cooperative & Compassionate, Study Finds

This baby behavior could tell you if you’re in for an easier road with your toddler.

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The Detroit Zoo Welcomes Polar Bear Cubs & They’re Bear-y Cute

They are the first surviving cubs in over 15 years.

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Disney+ Shares Trailer for New Holiday Comedy “Godmothered”

The new film stars Isla Fisher and Jillian Bell.

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Holiday Comedy “Godmothered” to Debut on Disney+

An original soundtrack will be released concurrently on all digital formats. 

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This Dad’s Texts Went Viral After a Hamster-Related Meltdown

When he lost his daughter’s pet, this dad showed how much he truly loved dear old Chester.

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How to Avoid Family Awkwardness & Arguments at the Holidays

Family awkwardness can be a given during the holidays. One expert shares how to cope when the kids are around it, too.

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Mom’s Viral Facebook Post: A “Failed” Birth Plan Doesn’t Make You a Failed Mom

When this mom’s birth plan didn’t come to fruition, she didn’t feel like a failure.

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How My Parenting Wins—And Fails—Taught Me to Roll with the Punches

Every parent knows the joys of a parenting win and also the abysmal distress of a parenting fail. I had one of each back to back this weekend that just begs for sharing.

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On Saturday,…

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This Boy Saved a Toddler With What “The Rock” Taught Him

When faced with a real life situation, this 10-year-old recalled Dwayne Johnson’s CPR skills from the star’s 2015 action flick.

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The Moment I Learned That a Mom’s Greatest Help Is Her Own Mom

Moms don’t just raise babies. They help raise new moms.

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How I’ve Learned to Cope With My Anxious Child

Photo: Rhiannon Giles
I’ve spent an enormous amount of mental energy forging routes around fear; taking the long way to avoid those scary woods.  It’s an exhausting and isolated path, full of its own obstacles and lacking a GPS signal.…

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The Dishes Can Wait and Other Lies

“They’re only young once.”
The words are superimposed on an idyllic picture of a child in nature or a beach with footprints leading to the horizon. There’s always a hazy filter. The bottom caption implores you to leave a counter…

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The Unnatural Mom

I made a confession to my spouse the other day. I am not a natural mom. I may have given birth to three very healthy, rambunctious, strong and smart kids. But this did not make me a mom.
I did…

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When Your Toddler Is Confronted By An Adult

Photo: IGLU Soft Play/Love To Know
A few weeks ago, I took my 3-year-old daughter, Harper to her friend’s birthday party. Pizza and cake were served, presents were opened and kiddies enjoyed playing dolls, chase and all things energetic with…

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Study Says Women Need More Sleep Than Men, Because “They Use More of Their Actual Brain”

Photo: Pixabay
Do you constantly feel like you need to catch up on some zzz’s? We feel ya, sister. Fortunately, a study showed that our female intuition is true: We DO need more sleep! In fact, we need more sleep…

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The Importance of Hugging It Out

“Mommy what’s wrong?” “Stop it!” There it was. In our moment of heated discussion (I won’t use the word argument), a small squeaky piercing voice of reason halted both Matt and me mid-sentence. We were in the car, a small…

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Baby Sign Language 101: Baby’s First Signs

Wish your baby could communicate with you? Here’s how to get him “talking” before he utters his first words.

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