New Infant & Toddler Feeding Guidelines You Need to Know

Want to reduce your child’s risk of developing a food allergy? This surprising advice just came in from the USDA.

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Here’s Your First Look at the Ada Twist, Scientist Series on Netflix

Based on the best-selling books championing women in science!

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Bring the World to Your Children

Growing up in Texas as an Indian-American wasn’t easy. I wasn’t surrounded by people that looked like me, that ate the foods we ate at our dining table and I didn’t see other moms that dressed like mine. I often…

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Grab LEGO’s New Rainbow Set Just in Time for Pride Month

Everyone is Awesome will be available to buy starting June 1!

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mom kids front porch veena crownholm

How to Help Your Kids Process the Attacks on the AAPI Community

“Life is hard as it is…the color of our skin shouldn’t be one of the aspects making it harder. After all, we are a country of immigrants.”

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Diverse Voices & Stories Shine with Disney+’s New Shorts

Get ready for some major chills over these beautiful new films.

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Here’s How to Take Your Child to Work In 2021

This year, you’ll find a virtual workshop for kids and their grown-ups that will help inspire and connect.

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How I Explain Racism to My White Friends (So They Can Explain It to Their Kids)

Once we know our history (because, news flash, Black history is everyone’s history) and we can comprehend the complexities of injustice, then we can openly and honestly communicate it to our kids. 

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New Children’s Book Lets Kids Choose Their Own Skin Color

Kids can choose a skin tone for the main character of this book.

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3 Encouraging Ways to Help Children Celebrate Diversity

“Start building your children’s awareness of diversity now so that they can develop into empathetic, open-minded, and loving individuals.”

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This 11-Year-Old’s 3rd Book Donates Proceeds to COVID Response

The author wants to help kids experience the world around them.

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6 Actionable Ways to Celebrate Black History Month, Every Day

Celebrate Black History month with the kids with intention and purpose.

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Princess Cupcake Jones- Payless

This Princess Cupcake Jones Collab Is Beyond Cute

Your little one can dress up just like Princess Cupcake Jones!

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This Journal Is Anti-Racist & Every Kid Needs One

It’s the official companion to “This Book Is Anti-Racist.”

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The Wiggles

Get Your Wiggle on with a New Song Celebrating Diversity

The Wiggles are celebrating their 30th anniversary.

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Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart Adds Children’s Book Author to His Resume

Is there anything Kevin Hart can’t do? His debut children’s book Marcus Makes a Movie is set to be published by Crown Books for Young Readers, an imprint of Random House Children’s Books. The first in a series, Marcus Makes…

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What Santa at Macy’s Will Be Like This Year

Nothing can stop the man in the red suit! (But of course, he’s responsible.) P.S. It’s free!

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6 Ways to Encourage Inclusivity in Your Family

“Raising respectful, knowledgeable, and empathetic members of society begins with you, and by encouraging inclusivity at home, you’re doing your part in creating a better world for everyone.”

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Raising Anti-Racists: The Work Starts with Me

“My job in raising these white boys is to give them the education to know what racism is, not only so that they can see the privilege that surrounds them, but so that they can do everything they can to stop the injustices happening in our world.”

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These Are the Best States for Camping

How does your state match up?

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4 Ways to Empower Girls to Speak & Care About Racism

“There’s no “one way” or “right way” to talk about race, but all parents need to know this: Girls need to start having these conversations in order to become more aware of their unconscious biases, their privilege, and their own actions (or inactions).”

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Donate to a Racial Justice Organization & Get a Free Month of Tinybeans Premium

Consider donating to organizations that are championing change right now and for a better future.

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This Photo Series Adds Black Girl Magic to Your Favorite Fairy Tales

The princesses were redefined with a twist of Black girl magic.

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Why “The Snowy Day” Might Be the Best Kid’s Book Ever

“I turned to literature to teach my son more about conflict resolution and dealing with his emotions. It wasn’t until I took a look around our bookshelf at home when I realized that our books were primarily animal characters or had Caucasian protagonists. Where was the color? Where was the diversity?”

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5 Everyday Things Seattle Families Can Do to Encourage Diversity

If recent events have left you feeling overwhelmed, heartbroken and uncertain, here are five simple things Seattle families can do to be intentional about race and diversity any day of the week.

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Sesame Street Town Hall

CNN & “Sesame Street” to Host a Town Hall Discussing Racism

The special will stream live without requiring a log-in.

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Here’s How to Help Provide Books to Children in Need

For every book sold, another is donated to a child in need.

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Once upon a Time, There Was a Queen: Drag Queen Story Hour Herstory

“Imagine a world in which all children can see themselves in the pages of a book.”

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Target Inclusion

Toddler Looking at Target Ad Featuring Boy in Wheelchair Shows the Importance of Inclusion

Oliver stopped in his tracks when he saw an ad featuring a boy in a wheelchair just like him.

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