Bring Waldo on Your Summer Adventures with This Fun New Book

Find your favorite bespectacled character and friends in a new travel book!

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Here’s How to Explain Pi with Pie

Today is Pi Day (3.14). Watch this cute video to help you teach your kiddos all about it, with pie!

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Unicorns, Flying Pomeranians & the Return of “My Little Pony!”

“My Little Pony” is coming to Netflix this fall.

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You Won’t Want to Miss This Rare OXO Tot Sale (That Ends Monday)

You only have through January 18 to save on all the OXO baby and toddler gear you have on your wishlist.

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Pepperidge Farm holiday

Pepperidge Farm Delivers Cookies This Holiday Season

Kits are available first-come, first-served while supplies last.

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Starbucks cup

Starbucks Offers Free Coffee to Front Line Responders

The Starbucks Foundation will also donate $500,000 to support US front line responders.

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These Are the Winners of the 2020 Kids at Play Interactive Awards

These are the best interactive tech toys for your STEM-loving kids.

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The Most Popular Baby Names of 2019

Deciding on baby names is just one of the many challenges new parents face, but it’s a big one.

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How Can Self-Talk Boost Math Scores? Science Has an Answer

This is the way your child needs to talk to themselves.

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Mary Poppins Is Getting Her First Disney Parks Attraction

It’s sure to be practically perfect in every way.

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Panda Crate Is an Awesome New Subscription Service for Your Little Learner

Oh baby, this subscription service is educational fun!

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Chrissy Teigen Is Every Parent Who Ever Said “Yes” to a Hamster

Chrissy Teigen bought her daughter a hamster and it went exactly as you’d imagine.

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Kids Eating Too Many Cookies? Blame Social Media—Not Cookie Monster, Study Says

It’s like if you give a mouse a cookie, but in 140 characters or less.

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The Most Popular Baby Names of 2018

Find out if your favorite baby name made the most list for 2018.

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Could This Simple Plate Design Get Your Kid to (Finally) Eat Their Veggies?

These special plates could help your kids eat healthier.

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When Kids Have Fewer Toys They’re More Creative, New Research Finds

They say less is more, but a new study reveals just how much more creative kids can be with fewer distractions.

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Being a Solo Parent Is Actually Pretty Spectacular

I call myself a “two for one” parent. I came up with the concept after becoming disenchanted with labels like “single mom” and “single mom by choice.” These labels are often stigmatized, with undertones of disapproval when one finds out…

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Zucchini Pizza Casserole

Satisfy those pizza cravings without ordering delivery thanks to this genius recipe by Blair of The Seasoned Mom.

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The Boy Scouts Will Now Be Accepting Girls

This century old organization is about to make some major changes.

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Dear Mom Who Feels Like She is Losing Her Mind

It’s okay.

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I don’t have a magic wand or a perfect solution to make you feel like you DO actually have your stuff together… but I first want to tell you that it’s okay.

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Harry Potter’s Home Is for Sale and He’s Not the Only Famous Inhabitant

If you’re a magic-loving muggle in search of a new home, this property in the UK could be yours.

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Millenial Dads Believe in Equal Parenting & the Study is Fascinating

Moms may know best, but dads are slowly catching up according to this latest research.

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14 New Green Baby Must-Haves for Eco-Conscious Parents

From plastic-free feeding to organic fashion, are some of the best new eco introductions for baby this year.

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Discover the Brand-New Game Every Family Should Be Playing

Here’s what you need to know about a cool new communication card game for families.

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Study Finds That Preschoolers Who Nap Have An Easier Time Learning

Photo: Jessica Lucia via Flickr
Naps don’t just provide kids (and parents!) with some good ol’ rest, it can also boost the memory in younger children. New research from the University of Arizona suggested that napping during the day has…

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What I Have Learned In 2016: Lessons For A New Year

Whether you’ve been watching the news, surfing the web, checking Twitter or Facebook, or simply having a conversation with friends or family, I am certain you have heard that 2016 was the worst year ever. “It was a s**t show!”…

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Red Cup Green Cup – Who Cares? Where’s My Coffee?

Last month, Starbucks released not only my favorite holiday flavors – Chestnut Praline Peppermint Mocha and Caramel Brulee — but also tried to bring some love and unity to its customers with a cup that is sparking conversations.
Get over it people!…

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Make This Tonight: Rosemary Skillet Chicken

Weeknight dinners just got much easier (and quicker) thanks to food blog, Marin Mama Cooks.

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Image Is Everything: How to Take Postcard-Worthy Photos

After following these tips and tricks to getting perfect photos and you’ll soon be collecting your own work as a a souvenir.

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