TGIF! Family Activities You Can Do On Fridays

You made it through the week, despite the spills and thrills of parenthood. Here’s how to celebrate with the kids on Fridays.

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Drummin’ With a Starr: Ringo at the Grammy Museum

Worried the kids will whine their way all the way through this nostalgic blast to the past, hustle you forward towards the exit to the iconic beat of “I’m-bored”? Not a chance that will happen at the new Ringo exhibition at The Grammy Museum!

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Harmony Music Studio

Autism? Speech or Develomental Delay? Accelerate Progress with Music Therapy at Harmony Music Studio

Harmony Music Studio customizes music therapy sessions and lessons for children with unique needs such as autism, speech and developmental delay. Music therapy sessions address non-musical goals including speech, behavior and awareness of self and others. Children achieve progress through…

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Bellevue Square’s Snowflake Lane: A Rite of Passage for Any Seattle Fam

A trip down Bellevue Square’s Snowflake Lane is a traditional Seattle institution – and a meaningful rite of passage for families during the holiday season.  Take your little ones on an unforgettable trip of dazzling displays along the sidewalks of…

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