Give Your Kids an Experience This Christmas, Not Toys! (Here’s Why)

Photo: Jill111 via pixabay
Over two thousand years ago the Buddha observed that “cravings” were the source of most of our suffering. (And he was pretty wise… like a Buddha, in fact!)
Basically, cravings cause us to chase after pleasure…

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Miceli’s: Spaghetti with a Side of Showtunes

Sometimes you need a little entertainment with your dinner—and we don’t mean your 2 year-old dumping macaroni on their head when they turn their bowl into a hat.  We have the perfect spot for food that will get devoured, singing…

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My Confessions As the Mom of a Strong Willed Child

I yell at my kids.

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I’ve grabbed my son Jack by the arm and literally dragged him to his room. I have slapped his hand, spanked his butt and told him I’m moving to California…

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How My Daughter and I Became Two with Nature

Over the last few years, my husband and I have gotten more and more into gardening.  We bought our house from his late grandmother’s estate, and she was an old woman who wasn’t able to care for the gardens.  They…

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Cool Comforts: The Best Outdoor Pools to Beat the Heat

Feel like you’re melting? Grab your swimsuits and floaties and check out one of these watering holes. 

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5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Declutter Once Your Baby Turns 1 Year Old

Photo: Ben Kerckx
Spring cleaning time is upon us, and the urge to declutter has a tendency to sneak its way into our homes. Recent trends towards minimalism, tiny houses, and the popularity of the KonMari method ensure that there…

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Save That Breastmilk: Science Has Debunked the Pumping & Dumping Myth

Scientific evidence says there’s no good reason to pump and dump. Read on to find out how you can safely drink and pump or nurse instead.

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Age Three: The Year Of The Super-Hater

Why age three might just be the worst age in ALL of childhood.

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Calling All Superheroes! Two New Kid Zones at Six Flags

Calling all superheroes and thrill seekers! Here’s everything you need to know about the all-new DC Super Friends kids section of Six Flags Over Georgia.

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10 Signs You Know the Holidays are Coming

Curious what made our list? Read on to find out the 10 signs you know the holidays are coming

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O Tannenbaum: Where to Treecycle Your Christmas Tree in Atlanta

When you’re ready to clear the Christmas carnage, give that old tree new life by recycling it at one of any number of locations throughout the metro Atlanta area.

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Ahoy! 4 Ferry Rides to Get You Cruising

Sometimes we forget that New York is really an island city. Tourists know this: you see them jam-packed on boats with the word “Screamer” or “Cruise” on the side. But why should they have all the fun? New York kids…

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